The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sorry - no pictures!

Well, we don't have any pictures to show this week but we have been keeping busy. We're alone here in Puerto Rico (we miss you pickle people!) and last week we took it easy which was pretty boring. We took the Dills to the airport last Tuesday and spent until Friday doing, well, nothing. On Friday night we went to a Brujos baseball game and watched our own Manny Bones score a homerun and knock the crap out of the other team's catcher...what can you say, he was standing over the base! The Brujos won 5-2 that night which tied them 2-2 in the series. On Saturday we went with Mendez to a beach in Salinas and had a blast! It's a little mangrove filled beach that's roped off so it's nice and shallow and calm. They have bathrooms, a snack shop, pool tables, a little bit of everything. We decided, however, to kayak across the chanel to a mangrove island. I had a blast kayaking! Not sure I'm the best at it but it's fun. We also went snorkeling while we were there but we were a little late. This woman that went just before us found a HUGE starfish that was still alive. It was red and pokey. I did take a picture of it but it was with my underwater camera which I don't have developed yet. We saw some cucumbers while we were snorkeling...the animal not the veggie. They are pretty gross and slimey. Saturday night the baseball team played in Patillas but we didn't go. Instead we did! Apparently we were down 7-3 and came back to win 10-7. Now we were up 3-2 in the series and need to win the next game to be the champs of the series! Yesterday we went on another trip with Mendez and his son Alexis to his son Alex's apartment in Caguas. We spent the day by their AWESOME pool. Alex was having a "salad master" party and we mainly went to eat his food and swim in his pool. Courtney and I left before the party really started because there was a ballgame in Guayama last night that we wanted to go see. Should be the last game of the series, right?! WRONG! We blew it big time! We ended up losing 5-4 and it was all the first baseman's fault!!! He played like crap but did they take him out of the game?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO...instead they changed pitchers, I kid you not, 5 times! We had some serious baseman and coaching issues last night. Today's been spent in Santa Isabel eating Taco Bell, going to Super Wal-Mart, and seeing "Knocked Up" at their new cinema. It was a cute and funny movie but I don't think it's as great as what everyone's saying it is. Tomorrow we're up early to go to Ponce shopping and to hopefully meet the people who will be taking care of Miller and Winston while we're gone. Have a great week people and we'll see you in 8 days!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Just another week

Well we had our first full week not in school and it wasn't that exciting. Katie's friend Sheila was in town and we went to Caja de Muertos last Monday. It wasn't the best day for it - pretty cloudy and rainy at times. Sheila, Katie, and I put sunscreen on 3 different times and still managed to get burnt. I got another burn on my face but luckily it wasn't as bad as the one I had a few weeks ago. Katie's lips got burnt again and it was pretty bad this time. Her bottom lip was one big blister! Sheila got pretty burnt on her legs, back, face, etc. and got these strange yellow blisters. They were pretty nasty. Luckily they were all going down and some completely gone by the time she left on Saturday. Courtney & I didn't do much else the rest of the week. We tried to go see a movie in Caguas but the Rodeo overheated on the way there...twice. A tow truck pulled up behind us and took us to the nearest Pep Boys in the next town where Courtney fixed the car in the parking lot. We sat in the lot for 3 hours fixing, waiting, and eventually going to eat. It was a long day! After that we just sat at home. Yesterday the 4 of us were bored so we went to the beach. Katie and Brent leave tomorrow to go home for 6 weeks so we decided to take the dogs with us to the beach one last time. Winston and Benny had a great time in the water! Winston followed Courtney out into the water and the waves got high enough that he ended up swimming back to shore. Courtney said he was body surfing and not swimming! It was cute either way! Tonight we're having Mr. Reyes, our Spanish teacher, and his wife over for a BBQ before taking the Dills to the airport tomorrow afternoon. It should be fun. Courtney and I will have 2 weeks here alone with the dogs. We're not planning on doing too many exciting things so there might not be much to post. I'll try to find something fun to tell you about. Here are some pictures from the beach...