The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes....

One year ago:

Topics of conversation: Should we grab something to eat on the way home? Anyone want another drink? Not wanting to say goodbye, how much we love the food, whether or not we should push Clate into the pool, whether or not we should make one last trip to the beach....

Last weekend:

Topics of conversation: Breastfeeding, labor & delivery, day care, how much we can't wait until we are thin again...

What a difference a year makes!!

Trip to Texas

First of all we need to apologize to Trish & her family for not calling while we were in Texas. We're sorry guys!!! It was such a fast trip - we barely had any time!

Okay - now on to our trip. Last Friday we left KC at 9:00 pm to fly to Dallas. We were supposed to leave at 7:05 but didn't get off until 9 because of weather all day in Dallas. We got to Dallas around 10:40 and I knew we were meant to be there. How you ask?! As soon as we got off of the plane we saw the most beautiful site...the Dallas Cowboys store and a huge Cowboys helmet!! I knew we were supposed to be there! Then on the way to the Dill's we passed Kelly Blvd. and Marsh Lane. Are we supposed to move to Texas?!

We got to Sachse where Brent & Katie live around 11:30 that night. We stayed up with the Dills until about 1:45 or so Saturday morning looking at Miss Hattie and talking. It's so funny how things just fall in to place when we are together. This time it was only about 3 months in between visits so it wasn't too bad at all - in fact, it went so fast!! Katie's parents left Saturday morning so we didn't get to see them (they stayed at Sara's house). On Saturday we got up and did a little shopping at the garage sales in their subdivision. I got a bag of baby clothes, a mirror for the car for baby, a car seat & base for Courtney's car and a Boppy pillow and 3 covers. We looked at a changing table but knew we didn't have enough room in the suburban on the way home. We finally got to meet Sara & the famous Marina. It was so funny to finally meet them because we feel like we already know them. Sara even sounded the way I imagined!! Mom & Dad came over for a few hours and we had a nice visit and dinner. Then we got up Sunday morning and drove home at 9:30. It was such a fast trip!

Miss Hattie Jean is such a good girl! She slept most of the time unless she was eating. I just sat there watching Kate & Brent with her for a while because it was such a different site. It's strange to see someone with their first child! I'm sure people will be saying the same about us in about 8 weeks... Here are some pictures from our trip. We miss them of course already but we know we'll see them sometime this summer.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Special Easter Delivery...

Well, Kate finally went into labor on her own and had Miss Hattie today!!! I don't know a ton of details but I do know she was supposed to go to the hospital this afternoon if nothing had happened and they were going to make something happen. Last night she went into labor (finally!) and I got a text at 8 am today saying she was dilated to a 5. At about 12:30 we got a message saying they were going to do a c-section because Hattie's heart rate was up. She was pretty stressed by the whole ordeal! She must have been born around 1:00 or so this afternoon. I have a picture on my cell phone but I'm not going to post any until next weekend because we fly down there on Friday. I can't wait!! So I guess it was a Happy Easter after all!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Almost Forgot!!

I almost forgot to mention this....if you haven't voted in our poll for what we should name our Baby you need to!! I think we're narrowing it down to our favorite 2 names which are William and Cael. When we tell people that everyone seems to love Cael! Let us know what you think!!! (I would like to add Liam to the mix but Courtney doesn't like it :(


Well I had my glucose tolerance test on Thursday of this past week. I apparently passed and do not have gestational diabetes which is a good thing! I tested my blood sugar on the way home (no I wasn't driving :)) and my level was 48...that's LOW!! Even for me that's low! Apparently they aren't too concerned about my low levels - I'm SURE my levels were low with the 3 tests they did. I got there at 7:00 am and they tested my fasting blood sugar. My level was 84 which is completely normal. Then I drank 16 oz. of the nasty glucose solution (thank goodness it was on ice so it wasn't as bad) and sat for 3 hours. Every hour they drew a vial of blood. I had 3 tests in my right arm, 1 from my right hand (ouch!) and 1 try from my left arm. That one didn't work and the lady was fishing for it and that hurt. I'm a little bruised now but not too bad. I'm happy that my levels came back good so I don't have to change anything that I've been doing. I need to start exercising more which I plan to do starting Monday (I'm hoping to exercise 4 - 5 days a week instead of 3).

Nothing else too exciting has been happening. I spent my spring break buying new dressers for me and Courtney so the baby could have my dresser. That was Monday and I overdid it a little. I emptied all 3 of our drawers and moved them out of our room (a little too heavy to do at 30 weeks pregnant!), Tuesday I drove to Overland Park and got fabric to make the curtains for our boy's closet and had lunch with my Mom. That night I spent 4 1/2 hours at Courtney's first JV baseball game. They had a double header and won both of them! Their first game they won 8-3 and their second 16-8. They hit very well but could have fielded a bit better - how to you blow an 11-1 lead?! Wednesday I sewed curtains...until my machine shot craps! I was so mad!! I don't sew but somehow I was doing it and things were going great and then I killed the machine. Hopefully I can borrow a sewing machine from someone this week and finish the curtains. I can't wait to finish them. After I finish the sewing and ironing Courtney will spray paint the zig zags on them so they look like Charlie Brown's shirt - how cute will that be?! That is all thanks to Courtney's cousin Travis. I was going to get Snoopy fabric and he suggested the shirt looking idea. It will look so neat!! Thursday was spent at the hospital for my test and then sleeping for most of the afternoon. Yesterday Courtney had the day off so we got to spend the day together. My Mom and Dad came and delivered another matching dresser for the baby's room (it's in his closet unless we decide to turn it into a changing table). Then Allyn showed up too so we had dinner with him. Today we are heading to Lawerence to eat at The Mad Greek which is one of our favorite restaurants and tomorrow will be spent at Nic's birthday party. I can't believe he is 10 years old!!! Time flies!! Update on Kate - no baby yet!! Her due date came and went (Thursday) without any sign of baby Hattie. Maybe she's in labor right now....wouldn't that be great?! If not she will have Hattie by Monday because they're going to make sure of that starting tomorrow! We fly down there next Friday night. We will spend the day Saturday taking care of Mommy and Baby!! I have another appointment with my doctor on Tuesday so I'll keep you posted on what happens there...which will be nothing I'm sure.... Have a great week and Happy Easter tomorrow!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

7 months & counting....

Well - we've made it to 7 months today! 29 weeks down - 11 (hopefully less) weeks to go! I can't believe we made it to 7 months pregnant already. This pregnancyhas really gone fast - I say his as I knock on wood. The nursery is finished except for a changing table (anybody have one they want to get rid of?!) and a baby. I am on Spring Break this coming week so I'm going to try to get some more things put in the nursery. We're going to put up shelves this weekend and possibly move the dresser in there so I can put more of our boy's clothes away. Kate is 9 months now and still no baby! We were going to go down next weekend but I think we're going to wait for 2 weeks. Hopefully Hattie will be here by then so we can meet her! Here are a few pictures from our last week: Miller & Winston longingly looking out the glass door wanting to go outside last weekend but they couldn't because it was muddy & snowing, Mom & Dad's new couch & loveseat (Joy - it's not too fluffy - very comfy!) and me & my belly in all our glory. Again - hating the puffy looking face but what can I do?! When you have to turn sideways and that pulls your puffy parts to the front for all to see!! I'll have an update next week about my glucose tolerance tests. My friend, Sam, is taking me to the hospital on Thursday at 7 am for my tests to start at 7:30. I should be done by 10:30 or 11:00 (yuck!) and it should go quickly because Sam's bringing her portable DVD player for us to watch something fun! Check back next week!