The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Post state wrestling family time

After the finals on Friday night we drove to Sharon's to get Cael & hang out for a while.  We ended up going to Grandma Hoard's house in Miltonvale to hang out & have lunch.  We had to look through her pasture to see if there were any treasures we wanted.  Cael was pretty excited about the cows!!

 I love the cow behind him!!

 One of the treasures we claimed!  Grandma bought this wagon in 1958 when Shirley was 2 years old.  She didn't have a car & it was just her so she bought it to carry Calvin & Shirley around town!  How neat that he gets this wagon that his Grammy Shirley rode in at his age!!

 I don't know if we are getting this treasure or not but it's one of Shirley's tricycles!!

 Andy gets one of Grandpa's old saws.  Travis wanted to see if he could cut a tree down with it. 

 This is in front of the old farm that Grandpa Hoard lived in before he married Grandma.  They still own it & all of the land.  I really wanted pictures of Courtney & Cael in front of it & I finally got my wish!

The kids got to hang out in the Blazer while we took turns shooting out at the farm. 

Overall it was a great weekend!  Next weekend Courtney & I finally get to do his Christmas present.  We are going to Jowler Creek Winery in Platte City, MO to make our own wine & we get to bring home a bottle!  I'm pretty excited!  The weekend after that is the opera on Sunday so Cael will get to spend 2 weekends in a row with Grammy!!  I'm hoping to get pictures of Courtney & I at the winery next weekend - we'll see!

State Wrestling 2012

We got home from our state wrestling "weekend" last night.  We are all pretty tired but hanging in there!  Cael & I drove out to Hays Wednesday night - they moved state to Thursday & Friday this year because Fort Hays was hosting some other things Saturday & Sunday.  We got there late Wednesday & Cael got a 2nd wind.  He did not want to go to sleep!  Thursday we were at wrestling all day and Travis & Nicole were there.  Travis took Cael to Russell to meet Wilbur so he could spend some quality time with AJ, KayLynn, Auntie Sharon & Uncle Wilbur.  I was disappointed that he would miss the 2nd day but I knew he would have fun.  All 3 of our boys made it to Friday but our 113 pounder was out Friday morning & our 120 pounder was 1 match away from medaling.  Our 152 pounder went on to get 2nd place!  We were pretty excited.  We were definitely hoping for 1st but we'll take 2nd! 

One of the boys had a pillow pet that Cael was wrestling.  Then Coach had to play "hide the coin" with Cael - who of course found it every time!  Cael did so great Thursday while he was there.  I was very proud of him!!

This was the "parade of champions" & Jared getting ready for finals. 

Lookin' all spiffy!  They were even on TV!

Monday, February 13, 2012

February snow day

This is the "snow" we got a week ago.  Yeah, nothing.

Today we had about 2" or so and Daddy got a snow day!  Yay!!  Especially yay since I started with a new 8 month old & 2 year old today.  I needed some extra help to get going!  I'm up to a 2 mo. old, 6 mo. old, 8 mo. old, 2 year old & 2 2 1/2 year olds.  Can you say crazy??  Anyway -

I got up and scooped snow at 6:00 this am and when Keaton arrived at 7:45 you couldn't even tell I had been outside!  After all of the daycare friends left Cael wanted to go outside and "play snowman" so we all 3 went out.  It was really fun!

Cael had to go down his slide.  I think he liked it just as much cold & snowy as he does warm & dry!

 In case you didn't know, this is how you "play snowman"!  Throwing a snowball is playing snowman - I don't know where this kid comes up with this stuff!  It's really hard to throw a snowball when they are sticking to your gloves!!


Daddy & Cael decided to make a real snowman.  They rolled & rolled but Daddy decided it was too ugly with the leaves & dirt in it.  So instead they just made a "big huge ball"....that Cael got to stand on.  He's tall!

Cael & Daddy had to eat some snow.  Cael said, "I want bites!"  I had to zoom in & get some adorable pictures!  I LOVE his eyes!

One of my favorite pictures of Cael ever I think!

Fun family times!

SMILE if you love snow!!!