The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Post state wrestling family time

After the finals on Friday night we drove to Sharon's to get Cael & hang out for a while.  We ended up going to Grandma Hoard's house in Miltonvale to hang out & have lunch.  We had to look through her pasture to see if there were any treasures we wanted.  Cael was pretty excited about the cows!!

 I love the cow behind him!!

 One of the treasures we claimed!  Grandma bought this wagon in 1958 when Shirley was 2 years old.  She didn't have a car & it was just her so she bought it to carry Calvin & Shirley around town!  How neat that he gets this wagon that his Grammy Shirley rode in at his age!!

 I don't know if we are getting this treasure or not but it's one of Shirley's tricycles!!

 Andy gets one of Grandpa's old saws.  Travis wanted to see if he could cut a tree down with it. 

 This is in front of the old farm that Grandpa Hoard lived in before he married Grandma.  They still own it & all of the land.  I really wanted pictures of Courtney & Cael in front of it & I finally got my wish!

The kids got to hang out in the Blazer while we took turns shooting out at the farm. 

Overall it was a great weekend!  Next weekend Courtney & I finally get to do his Christmas present.  We are going to Jowler Creek Winery in Platte City, MO to make our own wine & we get to bring home a bottle!  I'm pretty excited!  The weekend after that is the opera on Sunday so Cael will get to spend 2 weekends in a row with Grammy!!  I'm hoping to get pictures of Courtney & I at the winery next weekend - we'll see!

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