The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have gotten so bad about this posting thing. I have to get better! We really haven't been up to much lately. We did have our good friends wedding last weekend. Our friend, Travis Daniel, from ESU that Courtney lived with finally got married!! We kept talking about how strange it seemed for him to be getting married. There was a group of us that hung out in college - yes I was there too because I had no life of my own. Anyway - now all of the guys are married and most of them have kids. Travis was the last man standing....until now! The group was: Courtney, Travis, Aaron, David, Justin and John. They were very close in college and somehow managed to stay in touch after. So crazy to think it's been 9 years now since we were at ESU! Anyway, now the group is: Courtney, Kelly & Cael; Aaron & Teresa; David, Elba, Izzy & Grayson (to be born any time now!); Justin, Sarah, Bethany & 2 week old Raymond; John, Mary & Zeke and now we can officially add Travis & Elizabeth! Courtney & I knew Travis was serious about this girl when Cael was born. He brought her to our house in May before Cael was born when we all got together to say goodbye to John & Mary before they moved to California. Then on the day Cael was born he brought her to the hospital to meet him. We have a picture of the 3 of them together. Courtney was an usher in the wedding. He went to the bachelor party on Thursday (yes he was tired on Friday!) and then we went to the rehearsal & dinner on Friday. We were supposed to take Cael to mom & dad's for the night but...I ended up taking Cael to the Dr. before rehearsal. He had a spider bite on his hand. Poor thing had a puffy, fat, red hand. He needed medicine so Courtney waited around LV until it was ready. He called & said it wouldn't be ready until after 7:00 and rehearsal was at 6:00. So mom & dad came to the church & got Cael to take him to get his medicine. Then they waited at our house until we got home. It was very stormy that night so I took forever to drive home! I don't do well driving at night but when you add a storm into the mix it's TERRIBLE!! And of course Cael had his worst poopy diaper blow out EVER! Apparently he did it when they were in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It was all over his carseat - yeah the car smelled great! - all over him & when they went to put him in the tub it got all over the floor & rug! But it all got cleaned up and everything was fine. The morning of the wedding went fine. Actually it went like we hoped! Cael got up early enough that he was able to take a nap before we left for the wedding. Over the summer we bought him 2 suits. They had suits on sale at Penneys for $7.00!!!! They were originally $40 each and we paid $14. He looked so darn cute! Cael & I played in a play room while they took pictures and got ready. Then I got him dressed & tried to go to the wedding. Yeah, didn't work. Now that Cael walks & is talking he likes to do both. We are never bored and always tired! So Cael & Mommy found a far away hallway to sit & play in instead of going to the wedding. I was pretty upset that I didn't get to see the ceremony but oh well. When mommy duty calls you have to answer! The reception was at a really nice park. Luckily Cael got to play and be loud at the reception. I will post pictures in another post - I can hear my boy waking up from his nap now!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yummy yogurt!

We have discovered Dannonino yogurt & it is the perfect size for Cael. He loves it! When he won't eat anything else he'll eat the yogurt. The other night I was feeding him & he wanted to do it himself. This is what happens when he feeds himself yogurt!

Cael's haircut

Mommy didn't think Cael needed a haircut but Daddy did. I found a place in Overland Park that is for kids so we went there. It's the cutest! They have DVD players at each station, a place to play games & their seats are cars. We were going to get a "1st haircut package" that included before & after pictures, a certificate, a haircut & the hair but when we got there we decided to just get a trim. The lady told us she felt bad doing the whole package when he didn't have much hair to cut! Plus the before & after pix wouldn't look much different. His hair is starting to grow in normal now (thank goodness!) but it is so light blonde! He did pretty good during his haircut. He fussed a little but it was because he had no idea what that strange lady was doing. He kept trying to touch the scissors & his hair & turn around to see what she was doing.


I never knew my purse could be so exciting!