The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break

So at the end of my Spring Break (beginning of Courtney's) Joy came home.  I convinced her to go to Chuck E Cheese with us.  We went the afternoon she came home.  Cael didn't eat a single thing...he wanted to play games.  I guess I should say "play" games.  He was more interested in putting the coins in slots where they didn't go.

This was before he took the ball & walked up to the hole to drop it in. 
Needless to say the game didn't work properly when he left!

Holding the football that Mommy forgot to leave at her game.  Oops!

On Saturday we spent the day with Grammy, Papa, Joy & Aunt Sandi.
We went to Old Navy & Cael loved the doggy that talked!

Courtney has spent his spring break painting our hallway, upstairs living room,
hallway downstairs & downstairs living room.  I don't have pix yet but I
will soon.  Here's Cael sitting in his new favorite spot!

Hi people driving by!!

Say cheese you beautiful boy!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Johnson Marsh family pictures

Jizzle was in town for a few days for spring break and while she was here we had pictures taken.  We don't have pictures of all of us together since Cael's been around.  I don't know if we had any pictures of all of us before Cael either!  Matthew Dixon took our pictures.  He & his mom work at my school.  We had pictures taken on Sunday afternoon and he had them to me by Tuesday!!!  Wow!  I think he did a great job!

We ended up throwing Cael in the leaves & throwing leaves on him because he was grumpy!

Cael & his Papa!

Cael with his Grammy & Papa.

In a tree!  He was okay with the tree....most of the time.

Our family!

Our beautiful boy!

So stinking cute!!

Love it!

The sun was so bright - my eyes are basically closed.  :(

Love it!!

The Johnson girls

I think Cael was kicking my head...

Get me down!!

The Johnsons

I'm....we' cute!

Doesn't he have the most pefect face?!

I think Cael looks like a doll.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mommy & Cael's date at the park

Cael & I had a great day today!!  We had a picnic on the back deck with the dogs and then we walked to the park that we went to last Saturday.  It's about a mile from the house so I got my workout for the day in.  We played for about an hour & then walked back.  I had a blast with my boy!!!!  Being home with him this week has been one of the best weeks ever!  He wore his shirt that his woman, Hattie Jean, sent him for St. Patty's day and looked always!!!  What a great day!

Pimp Daddy Cael

Is that inappropriate to say about your son??

Cael looked so adorable in his suit at the sports banquet last week.  I am so glad we found his suits for so cheap!!!