The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, March 14, 2011

Diaper Cakes!

So last week we had double diaper baby shower at my school.  I decided that instead of just giving diapers we should make diaper cakes to give.  I bought all the stuff and then Cael & I tackled the project together.  It really wasn't that difficult to do - once I got the first one done.  So here are some pictures we took while making the cakes.  Yummy!!

Step 1: Roll up & rubber band diapers.  The 1st cake took 7 diapers & the 2nd took 71 diapers.
Step 2: Stand up a first row of diapers & tie them together.
Step 3: Stand up a 2nd row & tie them together.
Step 4: Stand up your 3rd row & tie them together.  This is the absolute hardest part of making them!
Step 5: Start your 2nd tier by standing up a 1st row & tying them together.
Step 6: Stand up your 2nd row & tie them together.
Step 7: You need something to help make the 3rd tier. 
I hot glued a little bottle on top of the shampoo bottle.
Step 8: Stand up your only row on the 3rd tier & tie them together.
Step 9: Decorate your cake!  I decided to cover the skinny ribbons with fat ribbons.
Then I used the skinny ribbons to tie decorations onto the diapers.  I decided to make
the decorations simple so it wouldn't look crazy.
Cael was trying to figure out how the diapers wer rolled up.
He gave up & decided to just help mommy make them stand up!  Such a good helper boy!!

Don't they look delicious?!?!  I am really excited about this fun, cute, new baby shower gift!!

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