The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Fun!

We are finally back in school for a full week this week!  We've had 4 snow days plus the holiday so Cael hasn't been away from us for more than 3 days since Christmas.  Let me tell ya - I can tell!!  He hasn't been his loving, quiet, calm, happy self at daycare until this morning!  Yesterday he screamed so much when I was trying to leave (which yes made me cry) and when Tracy picked him up he slapped her across the face!!  Luckily today he seemed back to his old self (fingers crossed).

When we had our snow days we took Cael out for a few minutes.  It was too cold to take him out for very long at all.  Here are some pictures of Mr. Boy in the snow - see how deep it was?!

 Yeah he decided he didn't need gloves!

 Such a cute little booger!!!

 And when we came inside he decided he was a dog.  How much would you pay for that little doggy?

 This is part of the reason why I have to take my students out the front door & not out our classroom door.  That might hurt a little!

THE Ipod Thingy

People have been asking me about my ipod thingy (I don't know what to call it!) so I thought I would explain & show pictures.  If I just explain it it can be a little confusing.  So  here it is!

This is the sensor & plug in for your ipod.  I got mine for $30 at the Nike Outlet at the Legends.  You can also order them online.

You can spend a bunch of money on the special Nike shoes that the sensor goes in the bottom but I didn't.  You can buy a pouch that laces onto your shoe for like $7 online.

 You don't even know the pouch & sensor are on your shoe while you run!

 You plug the other thing into your ipod & when you turn it on you see "Nike + Ipod".  That's where you go!  You can have it programmed by time, distance, calories burned, etc.  I have it programmed by custom distance so I can change it each week when I run farther.  It comes on & tells me when I've run 1/2 mile, halfway through, 1 mile, 300 meters, etc.  Then it tells you when you have run your distance.  Lance Armstrong comes on & tells me when I've run my fastest mile & some chick comes on to tell me when I've run my farthest. 

It is really cool & I highly recommend getting one if you need some extra motivation or encouragement to walk or run!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 4 of my running

I haven't posted much about my running so I thought I would today.  I started my 4th week of running yesterday morning.  Yes, morning.  I am up and downstairs running no later than 5:30.  I'm going to have to either start taking breakfast in the car on the way to work or start running earlier.  Yeah I think I'll be drinking protein shakes in the car, thank you very much!  My first week I ran 1 mile, second week 1 1/4 miles, last week 1 1/2 miles and yesterday I started 1 3/4 miles.  It's going pretty well.  I LOVE having my ipod thingy to tell me how far I've gone, what my time is, how many calories I've burned & the occassional kuddos.  It really makes running bearable!  I would normally be freaking out about running 2 miles on a treadmill next week but I'm not at all.  Do I like running?  No not really!  But I want to like running & I want to be good at it.  That may take a while!  I am definitely not where I would like to be on time but I'll get there....eventually...I hope!  I am definitely slower than I was in PR when Kate & I ran but I'm also older & have had a baby so I'm heavier.  :(  4 weeks down - 11 to go!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing in the snow!

Untitled from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

Bathing with my clothes on!

Untitled from Kelly Marsh on Vimeo.

Why you should NEVER leave a 19 month old unattended....

Last Friday night we spent the night in a motel in Wamego because we had a 2 day wrestling tournament in St. Marys.  It was 9:00, we had just arrived at the motel, Cael hadn't eaten and he was grumpy.  Courtney went to get dinner & I started the bath.  I ran to put a diaper & his jammies on the bed and that is what I found when I went back to the bathroom.  Do you know how difficult it is to take soaking wet clothes off of a little boy?  Pretty darn difficult!  And yes even though I wasn't happy with him I had to take pictures and video.  Of course!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Bath fun!

I don't know about at your house but in the Marsh house we love bath night!!  We turn the water on and Cael comes running!!  Last night was bath night and mommy had a little fun with Cael's hair.  Then Cael was being so cute so I had to take pictures.

 He is talking to the baby in the circle.

 That is a handsome baby!!

 So stinking cute!

 I couldn't quite get the picture in time.  We look at Cael and put our hands on our face like the Home Alone thing and he does it back.  So funny!

 He was sticking his face in the water and getting a bubble beard.  Apparently it didn't taste very good!

First week of running & the KU basketball game

First - I completed my first week of running to get ready for April!!  I actually did it!  I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal because I still have 14 weeks to go but I'm pretty proud of myself for getting up and doing it!  I ran Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & today.  I ran a mile each day and kept my time below 11 minutes.  I know that's pretty slow but hopefully I'll improve on that with each week I run.  Next week I'll run 1 1/4 miles.  I think it's a good idea for me to slowly bump up.  I probably won't run 4 days next week because I only ran Sunday of this week to try out my ipod thingy....which I love!!!

Moving on!  On Wednesday night Courtney & I got to go to the KU men's basketball game in Lawerence!  One of dads bosses has season tickets and he wasn't using them on Wednesday so he gave them to us.  The only thing was we had to take Nicolas who is a HUGE KU fan.  It ended up being the 2 of us, Nic & Courtney's principal.  I know kind of strange, right?!  Amanda, Jim & Anna stayed with Cael and he had a blast!  We only played UMKC so it wasn't a big deal but it was still fun.

This is where we were sitting.  That is a picture not zoomed in at all.  The seats were great!

 They have a KU hall of fame downstairs so we had to check it out.  Is Nicolas related?  I'm guessing no!

 This is the halfcourt from the original gym.

 Championship trophy!

 Nic's wingspan. 

 Courtney's wingspan.  He had the same wingspan as one of the girls!

 How big is your foot?

 Here's a picture from the second half.  We had a blast!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

4 mile run...

Okay so I have several New Year resolutions, one of which is to finally lose all this damn baby weight!!  I'm getting closer but it's still not gone.  Yes I know my son is 18 months old.  Unfortunately I am not one of those women that loses it the day I come home from the hospital.  And of course I'm not going to be happy with being at the weight I was at pre-Cael...I want to lose 10-15 more than that.  Keep in mind that I teach Kindergarten.  What does that have to do with anything?!  I need positive reinforcement, encouragement & a goal to reach or I won't do anything!!  So I found out there is a 4 mile run in April at the plaza in KC.  I've decided that I am going to work my butt off to be able to do it!!  Courtney says he'll join me - we'll see.  Courtney got me the nike+ipod sport package for Christmas and it is awesome!!!  It's a sensor that you put in a pouch on your shoe (or in your shoe if you have the fancy nike shoe which I don't) and then there is a thingy that plugs into your ipod.  You can set it for lots of different things, one of them being the distance you run.  I decided to start today to make sure it works correctly.  I set it for 1 mile and started running.  While I'm running & my music is playing this voice comes over and tells me I'm halfway done!  Then it started with 500 meters left and told me how much was left every 100 meters.  I learned that the distance setting on my treadmill is completely off and I've been running much farther than it tells me.  I also was able to run a mile is pretty much the same time as Kate & I did in PR which THRILLS me!!!  Here's my plan for the 4 mile run: for the month of January I will start with 1 mile and bump up my distance a quarter of a mile each week.  So the month of February puts me at 2 miles bumping it up a quarter of a mile each week.  March will be 3 miles bumping it up a quarter of a mile each week so that the first week of April I will run 4 miles and be ready for the run on April 17th.  I decided to write about it on here so maybe I will actually stick with it.  We'll see how it goes!  If any of you want to run with me in April let me know!  Katie Dill I'm looking at you......

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Daddy has toys too!

Daddy got a neat toy for Christmas too!  He got a remote control helicopter that he loves trying to make fly.  He said last night that maybe he needs to read the directions....ya think?!

 Winston tries to jump up and bite the helicopter whenever Courtney flies it.

 We all got little flashlights, too.  Cael is so smart - he decided to take his to where it was dark so he could see stuff last night.  Smartie pants!!

 Cael also discovered that he could put the bottom of his bowl in his mouth and carry it around.  Daddy can put it in his mouth too!  I really do live with 2 boys!

 Action figures are fun, too!

His favorite thing though might be being put upside down.  He laughs & laughs.  I'm just waiting for him to get dropped on his head....

I'm a big boy now???

Mommy decided I am ready for my toddler bed already!  Crazy woman!!  I decided that I could at least help daddy set it up so here I am being VERY helpful while daddy converted my crib to a big boy bed.

 He did a good job!  I can't believe you want me to sleep here!!!!

If I'm such a big boy then that means I get to eat my banana the way I want to....even if that means sharing with my dogs & eating in my room!

Maybe I'll share my banana with Mickey....or not!  (Thanks for the cool sheet Uncle Travis, Aunt Nicole, AJ & KayLynn!)

See!  Told ya I could eat my banana how I want to!

Okay so my new bed is pretty neat but I didn't feel like sleeping there all night!  I slept until about midnight and then decided I needed my mommy.  Daddy left the gate open so by the time mommy heard me I was on my way downstairs!  Someone better remind daddy to shut the gate!!  Maybe I'll sleep all night tonight in my big boy bed....

Christmas 2010

What a difference a year makes when it comes to open Christmas gifts with a baby!  Last year Cael didn't really care about what was going on at Christmas.  He had fun but he didn't open gifts or anything.  This year we couldn't keep him out of the presents....his or anyone elses!

Here he is with his cool bath toy from Cool Aunt Joy.  He LOVES this thing!  It makes the water run through it constantly.  He tries to drink out of it!

This was originally part of his Halloween costume until we changed it to R2D2.  He loves to push the button over & over & over again!  He doesn't like having the tools in it either.  They have to be out so he can fix things!

 Not sure if this was even one of his gifts but he opened it anyway.

 The big one!  His gift from Santa - a 1948 Indian.  It makes engine sounds, goes forward with the headlight on, goes in reverse with a tail light on. 


 Well maybe I'll just push it!

 Look at all my loot!!

Now I look like a real biker!

 Can I ride it backwards?

 Ha ha, Charlie!!  I'm in your house now.  What are you going to do about it?

Cael's gift from Granddad & Grandma Marsh.  Courtney could even hook up my ipod to it and it played it through a big speaker.  Unfortunately there was an issue with it's battery & they had to take it back & just get the money.  :(

 O.M.G!!  Mickey on a HUGE screen!!

 We had to go to McDonalds in Salina because AJ wanted to go down the slide with Cael.  Cael couldn't go down the slide because he was too small but they still had fun!

Cael & mommy went to wrestling practice with daddy so he could ride his motorcycle in the gym.  He got pretty good at long as he has lots of space!

 We had to go show the neighbors his bike.  He really liked the chain on their gate.  He liked it so much he decided to hook himself like a fish!