The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Daddy has toys too!

Daddy got a neat toy for Christmas too!  He got a remote control helicopter that he loves trying to make fly.  He said last night that maybe he needs to read the directions....ya think?!

 Winston tries to jump up and bite the helicopter whenever Courtney flies it.

 We all got little flashlights, too.  Cael is so smart - he decided to take his to where it was dark so he could see stuff last night.  Smartie pants!!

 Cael also discovered that he could put the bottom of his bowl in his mouth and carry it around.  Daddy can put it in his mouth too!  I really do live with 2 boys!

 Action figures are fun, too!

His favorite thing though might be being put upside down.  He laughs & laughs.  I'm just waiting for him to get dropped on his head....

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