The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had quite a Christmas this year!  I was worried about our Christmas because of my whole job situation but we put it all aside for a few days and had a good time.  Courtney had to work until Thursday so we went to Minneapolis on Friday to have Christmas with the Noon family Friday night.  Cael had a great time opening presents.  He LOVES the train table he got from Uncle Wilbur & Auntie Sharon!!  He had a great time with Alta Joy & KayLynn.  He got a recorded book from Great Grandma Hoard which was "very special" as he called it & Courtney and I got a plate that was given to Grandma & Grandpa Hoard on their wedding day.  We were very surprised and touched.

This first picture is Cael opening one of his gifts...on his own....before Christmas.  There were 6 gifts under the tree and only 2 of them were for him.  He found 1 of his 2 and opened it!  Smart little booger!

 Friday night in their matching jammies!!

Saturday morning eating cereal (like a big boy!) in matching jammies!

Can you say FREAKING ADORABLE????  This is Cael getting ready to go sledding for the first time!

Cael kept wanting to play "snowman".  He said he wanted to have yellow snow.....I told him no!

 First time riding on a sled!

Look out, Cael's driving!

Opening his Innotab from Santa!

Mommy & Daddy gave Cael 2 games for his Innotab.  He didn't even remember that he had already opened the Cars game!  

 Our Christmas morning family picture!  Cael was much more interested in his Innotab which was on the coffee table.

Granddad & Grandma Marsh got Cael a remote control Lightning McQueen whose eyes move.  He LOVES that car!  Just look at his face in the 2nd picture when he was driving it!

Overall we had a great Christmas.  It was MUCH better than I expected it to be.  We have enjoyed having Daddy home with us - even though we've had to share him with the wrestling team.  Things are moving along with the daycare.  I've gotten so many calls I might be full!  That would be so wonderful!  We'll see what happens... 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cael got a haircut!

I saw yesterday that Santa was going to be at the salon where Cael gets his hair cut so I decided to take him in.  He needed a haircut anyway so it was perfect timing.  He did the BEST he's ever done during a haircut!  I was so proud of my big boy!  He didn't want to sit with Santa though.  He stood by him but he had a lot to tell him.  He told Santa about cars, his haircut, his sucker, his sticky fingers, anything he could think of!! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

We decided to go to a tree farm in Platte City on Sunday to cut down our Christmas tree.  We've had a real tree every Christmas now since Cael was born.  That was one tradition that Courtney wanted for our family.  The last 2 years we haven't gone to a tree farm but we have had a real tree.  This year we went in hopes of finding the perfect tree to cut down ourselves....yeah.  The trees were lovely but they weren't that big....or full.  Every tree we found had a big bare spot.  We ended up getting one that they had already cut down.  Here are some pix of Cael & daddy checking out trees....

A perfect Cael sized tree!  Too bad it would be too difficult to take care of or we would put it in his room!  We did end up putting a fake one we had in Puerto Rico in his room.

Wrestling time!

It's wrestling time again in the Marsh house!  Two weeks ago we went to a dual tournament and got 3rd so that was good.  It was the same tournament that we took Cael to his first time.  Cael & Noah, Jared's nephew, had fun attacking Courtney in between duals.  Then we went to Doniphan West for a dual last Thursday.  We wrestled 3 times and only lost 1 dual by 4 points!  This last weekend the varsity went to Sabetha and Courtney took the JV to Harmon in KCK.  Yeah we were a little upset because we wanted to go see our people in Sabetha but oh well!  The varsity boys got 3rd in the tourny and did great!  The JV boys did really good too especially considering some of the teams we were up against.  This weekend is the home tournament but Courtney has to take JV to Horton.  People are pretty pissed that the JV won't be at their own home tournament but there's nothing we can do about it.  Cael has been amazing so far at tournaments!  I'm so proud of him!!  Saturday at Harmon we had to leave a little early because he was over it.  But no screaming fits.....yet! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Love the pictures of the kiddos outside with the sun going down.  L.O.V.E the pictures of KayLynn with the dogs!!

Just a few pictures from Sharon & Wilbur's backyard.

4th Generation picture.  They took up the entire couch & did not want their pictures taken!

We went out to Courtney's Grandpa's farm to get some stuff for gifts we're making.  I can't wait to take Cael out there when it's warmer!

On Saturday we went to the Arboretum in Overland Park.  Courtney had wrestling practice so he didn't get to go.  Santa was there and I wanted Cael to sit on his lap.  He said, "No thank you, Mama!"  So I said someone could go with him and he said, "No thank you."  So I kept saying that someone would go and he started yelling, "No. Thank. You!"  I ended up taking him in & Santa had to stand up to be near us.  Goof ball!  We went to Jackie's house afterwards to eat &  hang out.  We put Papa's wrestling hoodie on Cael and he was swimming in it!  We had a pretty great Thanksgiving!