The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had quite a Christmas this year!  I was worried about our Christmas because of my whole job situation but we put it all aside for a few days and had a good time.  Courtney had to work until Thursday so we went to Minneapolis on Friday to have Christmas with the Noon family Friday night.  Cael had a great time opening presents.  He LOVES the train table he got from Uncle Wilbur & Auntie Sharon!!  He had a great time with Alta Joy & KayLynn.  He got a recorded book from Great Grandma Hoard which was "very special" as he called it & Courtney and I got a plate that was given to Grandma & Grandpa Hoard on their wedding day.  We were very surprised and touched.

This first picture is Cael opening one of his gifts...on his own....before Christmas.  There were 6 gifts under the tree and only 2 of them were for him.  He found 1 of his 2 and opened it!  Smart little booger!

 Friday night in their matching jammies!!

Saturday morning eating cereal (like a big boy!) in matching jammies!

Can you say FREAKING ADORABLE????  This is Cael getting ready to go sledding for the first time!

Cael kept wanting to play "snowman".  He said he wanted to have yellow snow.....I told him no!

 First time riding on a sled!

Look out, Cael's driving!

Opening his Innotab from Santa!

Mommy & Daddy gave Cael 2 games for his Innotab.  He didn't even remember that he had already opened the Cars game!  

 Our Christmas morning family picture!  Cael was much more interested in his Innotab which was on the coffee table.

Granddad & Grandma Marsh got Cael a remote control Lightning McQueen whose eyes move.  He LOVES that car!  Just look at his face in the 2nd picture when he was driving it!

Overall we had a great Christmas.  It was MUCH better than I expected it to be.  We have enjoyed having Daddy home with us - even though we've had to share him with the wrestling team.  Things are moving along with the daycare.  I've gotten so many calls I might be full!  That would be so wonderful!  We'll see what happens... 

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