The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday check in

May Your Way Challenge

Well - I didn't post last week because I was lazy!  I still reached most of my goals, I just didn't post or check in.  :(

This week I did alright.

1. I worked out 3 days last week and have worked out 2 times so far this week.  For some reason I am struggling to get that 4th workout in.  I'll try this week.  I am really excited about this summer though.  I found out that there will be Zumba classes every Wednesday night & it only costs $5 a class to go.  I am hoping to go as many Wednesdays as I can!  And - the gym at the community center is going to be open twice a week for 2 hours each day for "Toddler Time" so I can take Cael and we can be active.  Cael's also going to be taking swimming lessons in a few weeks.  We're going to be so busy hopefully it will work for me!!

2. I drank my full amount of water most days.  I am getting at least 64 oz. in each day - sometimes it's a struggle for the full 74.4.  :(

3.  Yeah, about the push ups challenge - not happening right now.  I've been doing a "Crunch" workout through Netflix that has me doing a lot of push ups so that's good, I guess.

4. Weight loss.  Oh weight loss.  Where are you???  I have 2 numbers that I bounce back & forth between.  If I could just get below the lower of the 2 numbers I would feel better about what's happening!  I just can't get below it - no matter what I do.  I need something to kick start me so I can get below the low number!!!  I wanted so bad to be at what I was when I got pregnant by Cael's birthday and it doesn't look like it's going to happen.  That's really depressing!  Two years after his birth and I'm still 12 pounds over what I was when I got pregnant.  :(  I've said this before - women who leave the hospital fitting in to their regular pre-pregnancy clothes make me SICK!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's been a while

Okay so I suck at updating this thing lately.  We've had a crazy last month or so.  We went home over Easter weekend and came home with a sick boy.  He ended up with hand foot & mouth disease.  From what we've heard now it's a very common thing, you just don't hear about it.  His case wasn't as bad as lots of kids get it.  He had a high fever for 3 or 4 days.  On Easter Sunday it was 102.7 and by Monday afternoon it was up to 104!!  It finally broke and he was fever free by Thursday.  He had spots on his hands & feet but they never turned into blisters.  We were pretty lucky!  We were in Minneapolis for Easter and for AJ's 3rd birthday party.  Her party was at the park and before cupcakes & presents we got to play outside.  Cael had a blast playing outside and was not happy when it was time for us to go in the building.  We are definitely buying him a big swing set for his birthday now!  We will have hours & hours of fun this summer for sure!!

Since then (and the last time I checked in here) we have been very very busy going to baseball games.  Cael is so different at games this year!  I hardly get to watch the games this year but at least I'm there, right?    Sometimes it's just hard and I get frustrated with what I can't do anymore.  Like today - today is the Graduation at Courtney's school and 1 of our favorite boys is graduating.  Courtney is there & Cael and I are at home.  It sucks that I can't go because Cael wouldn't sit still there.  Courtney said for us to meet him up there to go to Andrew's party afterwards but it's a waste of gas to have 2 cars driving all over.  Oh well. I guess I just have to suck it up because this is the life of a mom, right?  Easier said than done!  Anyway - enough of my pity party...

Cael and I took a Saturday while Daddy was at baseball camp and spent the day with Grammy.  We went with mom to get her new driving glasses and have lunch.  Cael was pretty good, especially since he was just getting over being so sick.  He & I rode on the merry-go-round.  I think he really liked it!  He didn't look very excited but he was just taking everything in.

We also went and played at a little play area at the mall.

He spent the night with Grammy that night and the next day when we picked him up we went to get his Easter present.  Courtney bought him a 5 gallon fish tank and we had to go let him pick out fish!  He got 3 ghost shrimp & 1 snail to help with the algae.  He got 3 glo-fish that are a really pretty bright pink, 4 neon fish, 2 guppies (both boys!) & 1 Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platty.  We had to name the Mickey Mouse fish Allyn!  He's an orangey yellow color and in his tail is a perfect Mickey Mouse head!  It's really cool.  I don't know if I can get a picture of him - we'll see.  Here's a pic of Cael "picking out" his fish.  He had more fun banging on the glass to scare the fish.  Yes, he's all boy!

On Cinco de Mayo we were supposed to be at a ball game but it got rained out.  So instead we went to eat at La Mesa (one of my favorites!) with the head coach and his family.  He's married and has 2 kids that are right around Cael's age.  Jordan is 3 and Davin is 18 months.  Cael really enjoys playing with them when we're at games.  They all did pretty good at dinner and after we were standing around outside talking while the 3 kids played and ran around.  Davin & Jordan jumped off the curb and Cael followed them....except he didn't see the curb and fell off it instead.  He got a mark on his nose which was no big deal.  Then he was trying to climb and slipped and smacked his face on some bricks.  He was pretty beat up!  These pictures were taken the weekend after that and he was still not looking very pretty.  He loves the camera though!

This is from a while ago but he spent the night with Grammy & Papa one night and we picked him up the next morning.  When we got him to the car he found 2 of his binkies and decided he needed both of them.  He looked so funny!

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy too.  We've got Regional baseball starting tomorrow - I don't know if Cael and I will go or not.  Then I have Kindergarten graduation on Friday.  Then the next Friday is our last day of school!!!  I can't wait for the summer!  Cael's birthday party is coming up on June 4, on June 10th (his 2nd birthday!) we are going to Oklahoma for the family reunion, on June 26th we're heading to Branson to see the Dills for a few days.  We can't wait!  I know this summer is going to go too fast!  Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wednesday Check In - on Thursday!

May Your Way Challenge

I'm a day late checking in with my Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - sorry!  Okay so I'm doing pretty well so far with my goals.  Granted it's only been 4 days but I'm pretty proud of myself!  Here's my week so far:

Goal 1 - Exercise 4 days - I have exercised 3 days this week already!  I plan on getting up and going tomorrow morning, too.

Goal 2 - Drink 74.4 oz of water - Monday I only drank about half but Tuesday and Wednesday I got it all in and a little extra!  I've already started in on the water this morning so today's looking good for this goal.

Goal 3 - 100 push ups challenge - Yeah, haven't started it yet.  I am planning on doing the test this Saturday or Sunday and then starting the push ups as part of my exercise in the mornings.

Goal 4 - Weight loss - I weighed myself this morning and was the same.  I weighed myself after I ran and weighed 1 pound less.  :)  Yay for me!  Even if that's not right and it goes back up :( at least I feel good about it and myself today.  One day at a time, right?!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On my way to a better Kelly!

May Your Way Challenge

Okay so I have REALLY slacked off on the working out.  I mean REALLY!!!  I've been looking at this great site on the web called Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  They have challenges every month or so and I've decided to join the challenge for May.  I found the site at the end of the last challenge so I've waited til now....nothing like good ole procrastination! 

The challenge for this month is May Your Way.  Basically you challenge yourself however you see fit - perfect!  For the challenge you do your thing and check in/weigh in on Wednesdays.  I will try, try, TRY to do this every Wednesday.  We'll see what happens with my friend procrastination!

The first step for this challenge is goals.  Here are my goals for the month:

1. Get up and work out at least 4 days a week.

2. Drink at least 74.4 oz of water each day.  (That's how much is in my huge jug I carry around....I did not just pick a random number!)

3. Work on the 100 push ups challenge.

4. Lose 5-10 pounds.  I'll settle for ANY weight loss!!!!!

The 100 push ups challenge was on the site last month.  You can check it out here.  I haven't done the test yet but I'm hoping to maybe tonight.  We'll see, Courtney's got a game tonight so we'll be home late. 

So far for this week I'm okay.  I got up and worked out yesterday and today.  I drank 1/2 of my water yesterday and am doing alright today. 

In other news - my son will be 2 years old in 6 weeks!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!  When did that happen?  He is the best most wonderful human being ever to grace the Earth and I have loved every single second of this last (almost) 2 years.  That's about it for me.  Let me know if you want to join the challenge!