The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin Cael Marsh!

We carved Cael's pumpkin from the Ghetto Fun Town pumpkin patch last night.  Cael had a blast helping daddy clean it out.  He didn't care too much about the carving part.  We have been working so hard lately to keep him out of the trash can.  So last night I put the trash by Courtney to put the goo in.  Cael walked over, closed the lid and then clapped for himself.  What a goober!  And yes I'm a big dork & forgot to take a picture of the finished product!  I guess you'll just have to wait patiently!

For Ena....

We finally got around to putting up Cael's play tent from Ena.  He loved it!  Of course mommy & daddy had to crawl through the tunnel too....not very easy for big kids!  On a side note - in case you can't read it - Cael's shirt says, "My mom's a fox".  So true, so true!

Our Ghetto Fun Town adventure

Look out everyone!!!  Cael's driving!

Cael & mommy had lots of fun in the bounce house.

Daddy took Cael through the bouncy obstacle course.  At first Cael wasn't too sure about it but then he liked it.  He's such a goof!

We went to the Ghetto Fun Town's "pumpkin patch".  This is the first patch I've seen where there's no patch!  They had hay with pumpkins piled all around.  If you look close you can see that Fun Town is in the middle of the city.  Oh well, we had fun anyway!


Part of the admission to the Ghetto Fun Town meant that you could go down a big bouncy slide.  I decided to take Cael.  The only problem is that the stairs were also bouncy & inflated which made going up a little difficult but we managed.  There was a little boy that was going at the same time & towards the end he decided to slide down & run into me.  He thought he was being funny.  Then he grabbed my leg & hugged it. When Cael & I were leaving he said, "Goodbye my friend!"  Cute!

Ghetto Fun Town's exotic petting zoo

Ghetto Fun Town said they had an exotic petting zoo.  It was so exotic let me tell you!  We saw 1 camel, 1 llama, 1 mini horse, 1 kangaroo, 1 monkey, some birds that I don't know what they were and....are you ready for this?  The oh so exotic goats & a cow!!!!  I know we couldn't contain ourselves either!!!  Cael still had fun though.  I love the first picture of Cael & Courtney and the llama.

Cael & his pony

A few weeks ago we went to Fun Town.  We heard about it on the radio & then we found the website.  It was quite a bit different from what it looked like on the website.  It was pretty much ghetto Fun Town.  Anyway - we were so excited because we got Cael to ride a pony!!  I have a video of it too but I'm having problems uploading it.  Hopefully I'll get it done soon.  Look!!  He's a cowboy!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Cael pictures!

I just thought he looked adorable when I picked him up from daycare this day. Look Joy....he's a little DJ!

A picture for Katie!!

Even with his eyes closed in every picture he's still adorable! They had one of Clint Bowyer's cars at our Dillons on race weekend. Apparently the sun was a little too bright for Cael.

He thought a candle jar was a drink. At least it wasn't burning! Doesn't he look like the Joker?

Everything is a phone for this boy! Like mother like son! :)

 there ANYONE who wouldn't buy this little Cael puppy?