The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Okay, I know some people will be disappointed in this post but I have a few things to get off my chest.  A little b*tch fest if you will. 

I knew this summer would be rough for me since it's the first summer in 10 years that I haven't had a break.  Actually working through the summer has so far been fine.  Yeah it's hard because we can just go & do whatever we would like but I'm dealing with it.  It's like being home with Cael in the summer....but Cael has 7 other friends over to play - all. the. time.  It's fine, it really is.  I feel bad for Courtney because he doesn't get a break.  He locks himself in our bedroom and watches movies all day.  And he did summer school so he could be out of the house.  That's no way to spend your summer break!  It's ridiculous, and it's because of me & 8 screaming kids.  This is not how I pictured my life but it's working.  I can do this for a couple of years.  Really.  But the last few weeks have really held some disappointments for me & it sucks.

1.  We were supposed to get a couple of storage buildings in our backyard.  The city of Leavenworth is a PAIN IN THE ASS to work with!  Every time you go in there someone different gives you different information.  It's killing me!  So we decided to have contractor's come give bids to us about building a big garage.  Two different contractor's came and we haven't heard a darn word from either of them!!  What?!?!  And one of them says that he won't be able to start until mid-August.  Are you freaking kidding me??  We wanted to have this crap done by the end of summer. 

2.  I found several toy kitchen sets, a toy washer & dryer set and a toy nursery set that I wanted to buy for the daycare.  I sent emails, texts & made phone calls.  I talked to 2 ladies who said they would get right back with me.  One lady said she would text me last Saturday to let me know what time I could come over to get the nursery set.  NEVER heard back.  Talked on the phone to a lady who said she was driving home & she would call me to let me know what time to come over when she got home.  NEVER heard back.  Never got any emails returned.  I really wanted these things for my daycare kiddos.  They would have LOVED to play with them.  So there's another disappointment.  I have perfectly good $$ to spend but apparently nobody wants my perfectly good $$.

3. The other day I had 2 phone calls within 5 minutes of each other about daycare!!  I made it my goal that I by the end of the summer I would have 10 kids in daycare and our lives would be much easier financially.  So when those 2 calls came in I was so happy!!  The first lady said she would be at daycare Wednesday morning to meet me & she was so excited to meet me.  NEVER showed up.  The 2nd call said they would come meet me Tuesday night, which they did.  I thought for sure they would go with me.  They said they would call me Friday.  They are friends with the parents of one of my boys that I have right now.  They never called back.  Why is it that when I make a plan it falls apart?! 

I always seem to get my hopes up & think things are going to work out and they don't.  I guess I need to realize that I shouldn't get my hopes up for things.  Lesson learned.  :(

The Dills were here!

Look at our little love birds!  They were so sweet & cute together.  First Hattie was mommy & Cael was daddy, then Hattie was princess & Cael was prince, and then Cael was brother & Hattie was sister.

Little Hollyn!

This was actually Travis & Curtis' when they were younger & Cael had a blast on it!

Pushing each other - so cute!

These are some eggs in a nest in Sharon & Wilbur's tree in their front yard.

At Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge.  Also the site of their first date 2 years ago!

Katie & I had to pose with the frog.  Courtney had an issue with a frog being in front of the Reptiles sign.

I love this picture of us & our babies!!

Cael was talking to him.

Two years ago we also all fed the giraffes & just happened to be there at that time again!

They were filming some babies that were born on Monday (we were there on Friday) and asked if they could interview us.  Cael & Courtney were on the Wichita 6:00 news!!!  They also have the interview on facebook - complete with Cael making monkey sounds!!

Katie & Hattie got interviewed, too!

Who thinks his tractor's sexy??

I love this picture!  I'm watching you, Marsh!

Again talking to the animals.

 These cousins love each other!

 I caught a beautiful butterfly!

 Flash was working a little too well.  (And I take up too much room on that freaking couch - yuck!)

Wonder what he's doing??  Yep, he said he wanted to pee on the tree like his doggies!!