The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Last Week

Nothing too exciting has been going on. Last Tuesday I went out with 2 of my Kindergarten teacher friends to a cooking class on post. It was an authentic Mexican food "class" put on by one of my students' parents. We had tomales, mole, and salsa verde. Sssoooo good! Courtney had PT conferences until 8:00 Tuesday and Wednesday so I went out with the girls. We had a lot of fun. Then the rest of the week was pretty boring aside from dropping a large chunk of change on the pups at the vet on Thursday. Winston has a yeast infection in his ear, Miller has colitis (enlarged colon - ew! This caused him to do nasty stuff IN HIS KENNEL IN MY HOUSE!!), they both needed shots, and they both got their heartworm meds. Winston is now on ear drops and Miller in on pills. We brought them home and they're falling apart!! Friday we went to the PRHS football game again, Saturday was spent cleaning, and Sunday was spent watching football. Don't ask me about the Cowboys...I don't want to talk about it. :( I am so happy that I can finally annouce this.....MY KATIE IS PREGNANT!!!!!! We've known for a while now and we are so excited for her!! She & Brent will make great parents. I am already planning on going down there for part of my Spring Break in April after the baby arrives. She is due the first part of April. Yes, we're trying to catch up to them but it just hasn't worked...yet. One day! Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Friday night we went to the first home Pleasant Ridge High School football game. Courtney has several students that play and asked if we were going. We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter because they were ahead 35-0. They have some good runners on their team. I think we're going to go again this Friday. Saturday morning we got up and Courtney worked on his truck. If we're not having drama with one of our vehicles we're bored! I did some school stuff to prepare for my Smart Board....that's another exciting story!! Then we went to a High School soccer game. PRHS doesn't have a team so the boys that want to play go to Immaculata to play. We'll just say the boys from PRHS make up half of the Immac team. We stayed until halftime and then left because, well, we don't know anything about soccer and their was no scoreboard so we had no clue what was happening or the score. I'm sure we'll go to another game because we'll probably take Nicolas - who is quite the soccer player himself! After that I went to my school to play with my new fun! I got a SMART board installed in my room on Saturday. If you don't know what that is you are missing out!! It's a big screen connected to a CPU and a projector. I can scan in pages, pictures, etc. and project them onto my screen. Then the kids can "write" on them, draw on them, whatever I tell them to do. It really will make things so nice because I can put anything on the screen and everyone in the room can see it. Since it's hooked to a CPU I can get on the Internet and get video clips for different themes and lessons. The kids were really excited about it. I will try to get some pictures of my classroom up this week - I've been waiting because I wanted to get that darn board!! I was supposed to have it a week ago but I got cancelled so that's why it's taken so long for pictures. Be looking for them soon!! Let's see - oh yes, yesterda was spent at the Lyric Opera in KC. We saw La Boheme with Dr. Clamurro. He got us season tickets this year as a welcome home gift because we were too poor to buy them ourselves. We honestly weren't in the mood to go yesterday but it ended up being a really great opera. After that we drove to The Legends and ate at Stix which is a sushi restaurant. It was pretty good but the service was terrible. We might go back some day... Of course last night was spent watching the Cowboys win 27-16 against the Packers!!!! I don't mind saying my 'boys are looking good this year - could it be the year to end the "curse" in the playoffs?!?! We'll see! This coming weekend I think we're staying close to home - Courtney might be teaching "Saturday School" at PRHS and then the 'Skins play the 'Boys on Sunday - I hope we get the game. Don't worry, it won't get too bloody here!! I hope you all have a great week and I promise, one day, this BLOG will get more interesting!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi. My name is Kelly Marsh and I am a Dallas Cowboys addict.

I've been telling people for years that I was born into Cowboys football. I don't think people realy believed me. Now maybe they will. It all started with a man, Charles Johnson, my Grandpa who would watch (through his closed eyelids) every Cowboys game on TV. My Aunt Sandi lived in Dallas so my Dad, Grandpa, and a few rowdy friends would fly down to Dallas for games. (Maybe once or twice but hey that's more than I've been to!) They were cool too because they would fly themselves in their plane. I've seen pictures of the games...or at least pictures of the Cowboys cheerleaders. I don't hate on those ladies - I always wanted to be one but it's a little thing called I'm short and I don't live in Texas. Anyway! When I was growing up we would go to Grandpa's house on Sundays and watch the games. I learned early on not to change the channel even if Grandpa was snoring because he WAS watching. If the channel was changed....bad news. I remember getting a pink shirt with a picture (cartoon picture) of a Cowboys cheerleader and I loved it. I also received a Cowboys jacket with my name on it. A few weeks ago while looking through family pictures I discovered it. A picture from the day I received the beautiful jacket. Oh so lovely! You can't tell from the pictures that it was a Cowboys jacket because you can't see the star but I know it and so does everyone else that was there. There is even a picture of my sister getting her personalized Cowboys jacket so even if she won't admit it her blood run blue also. And then this past week I received something in the mail more beautiful than words can describe. Perhaps the most beautiful shirt in all the world. My beloved friends, the Dills, in Texas really do love me!! And I think they are becoming Cowboys fans, too (right?!?!).

This picture was taken when my Dad and some others flew down to Dallas for a Cowboys game. My Dad and Grandpa owned the plane and my Dad had a license to fly. No wonder why he drives so fast!

Here I am putting on my new Cowboys jacket with my name on it and beside the man who is the reason for my blue blood and my tattoo.

Could it be the most beautiful shirt ever to be made?!? I believe it is!! Thank you Pickles!!!!!


So I haven't been real good about keping up my BLOG lately. I apologize. You must understand that our lives are much different than they were a year ago - lots of differences between weekends at the beach and weekends at...home. Let's see - where to begin -

School is going great! Courtney & I are both enjoying where we teach, the kids, the subjects, everything. I am actually enjoying Kindergarten so much more than I thought I would. The days go so fast with these little ones. They are already starting to surprise me with what they can do after being in school for 21 days (we count every day). Courtney was a lucky one last week and got not a 2 day weekend but a 4 day weekend. Sure, sure, sure, blame it on a broken water main if it makes you feel better. So last Monday he had no school and it was a cold and rainy day. We had the Bridges clan over for dinner and karaoke that night - so fun! Nicolas, as it turns out, and quite a singer!! I went first, then Nic, then Anna, then Amanda, Nic and Anna lots more, Jim, Amanda, me, Nic and Anna, etc. During all of the singing Courtney got the call about no school on Tuesday. Life is rough! Last week it rained basically every day. I had a "Freedom Walk" at school on Thursday and then our "National Anthem Project" that afternoon so Thursday was a nothing day. Friday was a rough day because it rained and rained and rained. Yesterday it was still raining - seriously we had rain pretty much non stop for 48 hours. I had to take pictures because we had a river running through our backyard. It was interesting - especially when all 3 dogs decided to run through it. Yesterday we got up early and headed to Lenexa to help mom and dad move to their new apartment in Overland Park. The new one is so much nicer. Even the outside of the apartments are nicer. We ended up not leaving until almost 8:00 last night to come the rain. Other than that we haven't been up to too much. Today is being spent cleaning, doing lesson plans, and watching football. My Cowboys rocked last Sunday and I'm sure will do the same tomorrow on Monday Night Football!! It will be quite a change seeing MNF at a decent hour here in Kansas. I can't wait! Here are some pics of our river. Have a great week everyone!!

The white speck in the middle is Winston's toy floating down "the river". Don't worry - it floated out of the river and is drying safely in our now soggy yard!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend...

...was spent in Wichita with my parents, Aunts and Uncle, cousins, and 3 Great Aunts. I spent Friday night in Lenexa with my parents so my hubby would get to sleep in on Saturday morning. I made the mistake of letting my husband have a choice about whether or not he would go to Wichita - of course he picked to stay home. Anyway - bright and early on Saturday we headed to Wichita. We got there and started going through pictures from my Grandma's house. Mind you the pictures have been sitting in my parent's house in Minneapolis since my Grandma's death in 2002. A little while later my 3 Great Aunts and cousin came and helped us go through pictures. My job in all of this was to scan any pictures people wanted copies of into my computer and then transfer them to a jump drive. My scanner hasn't worked that hard in a long time!! Sunday my Uncle and Aunt and 3 cousns from Larned came and we had lunch and looked through more pictures. By the time we got home Sunday night I was exhausted!! It was fun though to spend time with my family. It's been 2 years since I last saw my Aunts from Oklahoma and probably a year or a year and half for the relatives from Larned. Yesterday we did, well, nothing!!! Today it was back to school for another 4 day week...gotta love those! Hopefully this weekend we will head to Boone, Iowa to watch Dave Hardesty in the finals at the IMCA Nationals. Here's a picture of my family from the weekend:

Aunt Sandi, Great Aunt Billye, Dad, Sharon Arlene, Great Aunt Irene, Great Aunt Vera, Mom, and me