The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend...

...was spent in Wichita with my parents, Aunts and Uncle, cousins, and 3 Great Aunts. I spent Friday night in Lenexa with my parents so my hubby would get to sleep in on Saturday morning. I made the mistake of letting my husband have a choice about whether or not he would go to Wichita - of course he picked to stay home. Anyway - bright and early on Saturday we headed to Wichita. We got there and started going through pictures from my Grandma's house. Mind you the pictures have been sitting in my parent's house in Minneapolis since my Grandma's death in 2002. A little while later my 3 Great Aunts and cousin came and helped us go through pictures. My job in all of this was to scan any pictures people wanted copies of into my computer and then transfer them to a jump drive. My scanner hasn't worked that hard in a long time!! Sunday my Uncle and Aunt and 3 cousns from Larned came and we had lunch and looked through more pictures. By the time we got home Sunday night I was exhausted!! It was fun though to spend time with my family. It's been 2 years since I last saw my Aunts from Oklahoma and probably a year or a year and half for the relatives from Larned. Yesterday we did, well, nothing!!! Today it was back to school for another 4 day week...gotta love those! Hopefully this weekend we will head to Boone, Iowa to watch Dave Hardesty in the finals at the IMCA Nationals. Here's a picture of my family from the weekend:

Aunt Sandi, Great Aunt Billye, Dad, Sharon Arlene, Great Aunt Irene, Great Aunt Vera, Mom, and me

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