The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Last Week

Nothing too exciting has been going on. Last Tuesday I went out with 2 of my Kindergarten teacher friends to a cooking class on post. It was an authentic Mexican food "class" put on by one of my students' parents. We had tomales, mole, and salsa verde. Sssoooo good! Courtney had PT conferences until 8:00 Tuesday and Wednesday so I went out with the girls. We had a lot of fun. Then the rest of the week was pretty boring aside from dropping a large chunk of change on the pups at the vet on Thursday. Winston has a yeast infection in his ear, Miller has colitis (enlarged colon - ew! This caused him to do nasty stuff IN HIS KENNEL IN MY HOUSE!!), they both needed shots, and they both got their heartworm meds. Winston is now on ear drops and Miller in on pills. We brought them home and they're falling apart!! Friday we went to the PRHS football game again, Saturday was spent cleaning, and Sunday was spent watching football. Don't ask me about the Cowboys...I don't want to talk about it. :( I am so happy that I can finally annouce this.....MY KATIE IS PREGNANT!!!!!! We've known for a while now and we are so excited for her!! She & Brent will make great parents. I am already planning on going down there for part of my Spring Break in April after the baby arrives. She is due the first part of April. Yes, we're trying to catch up to them but it just hasn't worked...yet. One day! Have a great week everyone!


ScottE. said...

sadly this weekend's game has turned half of the DC region into pompous asses. I think you know my take on your Cowboys...but my feelings are even stronger against the 'Skins. Blah.

Mar said...

I heard some "news" about you from a little bird. Why haven't you blogged abou it?????