The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

State Cross Country & getting ready for Halloween!

I forgot these were on my camera.  He loves to be outside!  And he needed a haircut.

 Chilling with Daddy.
 Love that I got to see my kiddos from Sabetha on my birthday!  These were my first kids I ever taught in 2nd grade.  They will graduate in May which means.....I'm old!  They even gave me a birthday card with a copy of our class picture & they all signed it.  Amazing!
 Showing off his cross country shirt.  It was a hit!

Being "shy" with the girls.
He loves to have Grammy put on lipstick and kiss his hands.  He wanted to wear some of his own.  Oh my!
 Our pumpkins were Angry Birds themed this year!

Can't wait for Wednesday when I can take pictures of him in his costume!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've been bad :(

Yep, I know, I've been a bad blogger.  We have been pretty busy around here lately & it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon!  Courtney's been busy with cross country but that will come to a hault this weekend with State on Saturday.  His teams have done pretty well this year.  The girls team has been better than the boys but they're building.  Last weekend was Regionals & the Noons met us in Leonardville for that.  It actually ended up being a great meet!!  Sabetha was there & 4 of the kids I taught my very first year run for them & 1 is a manager.  I talked to all 5 kids & it was great!!!  We talked with a lady from Sabetha who is going to take a picture of all of us together this Saturday at State.  Both Sabetha teams made it so they will all be there.  They even mentioned trying to get a few more of the kids from their class there!!  It would be really great to see a whole bunch of them!  They will graduate this May & I intend to be there.  I am hoping to get a great picture to give them all along with a copy of our class picture from 2nd grade at graduation.  Saturday is also my birthday so seeing them & getting pictures with them will make it a fantastic day!!  After Regionals last weekend we hung out with the Noons & then on Sunday the boys all went to the NASCAR race & the girls went for a spa day.  We got pedicures & facials.  It was great!

Cael hasn't been up to much different than usual.  He's the same sweet, cute, smart, funny, CRAZY boy as he always has been.  He's so ready & excited for Halloween next week!  He keeps saying to us, "You ready for Halloween?" and then asks if it's time yet.  He's excited to be Lightning McQueen!  Oh my!  Here are some pictures of our time lately!

The eyes freak me out but Cael liked them so we kept them.

Love this picture of my beautiful boy!!


He bumped his head and insisted he needed a band aid!

 We had our October date night & went on a haunted trolley tour in Atchison.  Fun!
 Yes, his crazy mama let him have ice cream in the new van!!


 I will get a better picture.  This came off of facebook.  It says, "My Daddy's Team Is Faster Than Yours".  The kids loved it!!