The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our weekend

Cael will pick up my handweights & say, "I stttrong!"  So cute!

Cael pix

Cael had a rough couple of days a few weeks ago.  I left him with the neighbors so I could go watch Courtney's cc team in Lawerence.  While he was over there he was chasing the dogs & fell and smacked his face on the concrete.  When I got home I was talking with Donna in the kitchen & Winston knocked Cael over & he smacked his ear on the leg of the table and cut his ear.  Then the next night he decided to climb up the back of the chair & it fell on top of him.  You can see the bump/bruise on his head....the pictures really don't do his "injury" justice!

It's nice when we can have peaceful evenings at home....these are few & far between lately but hopefully things will start looking up SOON.  

The Kauffman Center

We had our first opera of the season at the new Kauffman Center a few weeks ago.  That place is HUGE!!!  It was also very very bright & during intermissions when we were using the bathroom or getting a drink Courtney had to wear his sunglasses!  Our seats are great - again!  It was nice to have the subtitles right in front of us & we didn't have to read them above the stage.  It tricked your eyes a little at the beginning but we got used to it.  There were 7 floors & there is a bar on every floor.  The only thing missing was the cookies.  Courtney LOVED the cookies they had at the Lyric!  We've got another opera coming up in less than a month.

Bogum turned 80!

On September 25 Bogum (Grandma Butler) turned 80!  Courtney picked up Aunt Nila from the airport on Friday and we drove to Minneapolis to surprise Grandma.  She knew Courtney, Cael & I were coming but she had no idea Aunt Nila was.  She also didn't know Aunt Almeta & Uncle Wayne were driving up that afternoon.  Needless to say she had a day full of surprises!  On Saturday we hung out & had dinner.  Sunday we went to church together and had pictures taken for her birthday.  It was a pretty good weekend.  

Picture Updates

I really have been terrible (again) at getting pictures up here.  Hopefully now that I'll be at home all the time I'll be able to get lots of Cael pictures to post on here.  I can't wait!  A while back we went to Seneca for a volleyball tournament.  PRHS was playing in a tournament and some of my kiddos from my 1st & 2nd years of teaching were there also.  It was fun!  We went to lunch with Angelia & Jethro, Marilyn & Cole and Mr. Figgs.  Cael got a mustache & Courtney tried to get a pic.  The camera was so slow that by the time it snapped the picture we were having to adjust his 'stache and Cael did not want it back on!

On the way home from Seneca we drove into what we thought would be a wicked storm.  As it turned out it wasn't too bad.  It looked really cool though!

We have enjoyed our weekends at home watching football with Mr. Boy.  He still loves his "gooball games".  As you can see below, he is a very neat eater.....

Courtney's team had their 1 & only home cross country meet.  Cael & I went this year - last year we were boycotting cc and didn't go.  I know, we're mean.  This is how we spent the entire meet.  Not watching any racing (it's hard to watch anyway!), playing in the gravel & sand.  The worst part was trying to keep Cael from throwing it out of the pit.  I know it would take FOR - EV- AH for him to empty the pit but I didn't want him to throw it out!

Yesterday Courtney was in Riley County for cc Regionals.  Cael & I stayed home.  Cael got ahold of the camera and decided to take a self portrait.  Lovely as always!  Then I took one of him as he climbed into the chair with me.  Yes, I know he has a lovely yellow bruise.  Last weekend he tried to climb up the back of our kitchen chair.  Well, he fell backwards & the chair came down on top of him.  There were several minutes of screaming & crying with no sound and a HUGE lump & bruise but it's healing!  I have more pics that I took yesterday but now I have to put someone down for a nap.....Cael might take one, too!  I'll post more pics soon.


I've been putting off writing this post but I think I'll feel better once I do it so here it goes.  Life in the Marsh household has been very stressful lately.  Long, long, very long story short: I resigned as Kindergarten teacher last week.  Like I said it's a very long story that I don't think I need to get too deep into right now. Everyone is healthy so please don't worry.  I've been enjoying my time at home with Cael & have decided that home with Cael is exactly where I need to be.  I am in the process of attempting to open my own in home daycare.  That will take care of the expense of sending Cael to daycare which will help us out alot.  I know you might be thinking I'm crazy and maybe I am.  I know it will be challenging and that it's probably not going to be the ideal situation, however, if I can get just 4 kids I'll be making more money than I was at the school!  I am looking forward to not having to worry about committees & meetings & conferences, etc.  I will miss the (limited) adult interaction & my 22 kiddos that could do some things for themselves but I am excited to be with my baby boy.  Cael will still get the benefit of the socialization that comes with daycare because there will (hopefully!) be kiddos running around here for him to play with.  I just think in the long run this will be the best thing for our family.  I appreciate everyone's concern & support - bet some of you didn't even know you were concerned or supporting us did ya?!  ;)  We will be back to "normal" soon & on to the next adventure.  If any of you know of anyone in the Leavenworth, Easton, Lansing area that needs a daycare send them my way!!