The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cael pix

Cael had a rough couple of days a few weeks ago.  I left him with the neighbors so I could go watch Courtney's cc team in Lawerence.  While he was over there he was chasing the dogs & fell and smacked his face on the concrete.  When I got home I was talking with Donna in the kitchen & Winston knocked Cael over & he smacked his ear on the leg of the table and cut his ear.  Then the next night he decided to climb up the back of the chair & it fell on top of him.  You can see the bump/bruise on his head....the pictures really don't do his "injury" justice!

It's nice when we can have peaceful evenings at home....these are few & far between lately but hopefully things will start looking up SOON.  

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