The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Picture Updates

I really have been terrible (again) at getting pictures up here.  Hopefully now that I'll be at home all the time I'll be able to get lots of Cael pictures to post on here.  I can't wait!  A while back we went to Seneca for a volleyball tournament.  PRHS was playing in a tournament and some of my kiddos from my 1st & 2nd years of teaching were there also.  It was fun!  We went to lunch with Angelia & Jethro, Marilyn & Cole and Mr. Figgs.  Cael got a mustache & Courtney tried to get a pic.  The camera was so slow that by the time it snapped the picture we were having to adjust his 'stache and Cael did not want it back on!

On the way home from Seneca we drove into what we thought would be a wicked storm.  As it turned out it wasn't too bad.  It looked really cool though!

We have enjoyed our weekends at home watching football with Mr. Boy.  He still loves his "gooball games".  As you can see below, he is a very neat eater.....

Courtney's team had their 1 & only home cross country meet.  Cael & I went this year - last year we were boycotting cc and didn't go.  I know, we're mean.  This is how we spent the entire meet.  Not watching any racing (it's hard to watch anyway!), playing in the gravel & sand.  The worst part was trying to keep Cael from throwing it out of the pit.  I know it would take FOR - EV- AH for him to empty the pit but I didn't want him to throw it out!

Yesterday Courtney was in Riley County for cc Regionals.  Cael & I stayed home.  Cael got ahold of the camera and decided to take a self portrait.  Lovely as always!  Then I took one of him as he climbed into the chair with me.  Yes, I know he has a lovely yellow bruise.  Last weekend he tried to climb up the back of our kitchen chair.  Well, he fell backwards & the chair came down on top of him.  There were several minutes of screaming & crying with no sound and a HUGE lump & bruise but it's healing!  I have more pics that I took yesterday but now I have to put someone down for a nap.....Cael might take one, too!  I'll post more pics soon.

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