The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playing outside!

Wednesday night Courtney had a baseball game & Cael & I decided to stay home.  The game was too far away & gas is too expensive!  I decided I needed to take the picture for Cael's birthday invite for this summer.  You can never be too prepared!  We decided after pictures that it was too nice to go inside so we played outside for a LONG time & I took lots of pictures.  I love to take pictures!  It helps to have such a beautiful subject to snap!!  ;)

Cael & Winston always have fun outside!

Cael likes to tickle things now.  He found a leaf & was tickling his shadow.

 What in the world are you doing, Miller?


 This picture would be awesome if it weren't for the damn bink!!!

 Popsicles are yummy.....especially outside on a hot day!

What do you think, Winston?  Should we go downstairs?

 Learning to walk downstairs like a big boy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring weekends!

We have definitely been enjoying these last 2 weekends of beautiful weather.  Last weekend we mowed for the first time.  It was actually nice to get out & do some work in the yard!  Courtney bought Cael some tools to help him out in the yard.  He was so cute trying to rake & dig!  He saw a bucket & decided to pick up leaves & throw them in the bucket.  Such a smart boy!  Here's a pic from last weekend. 

 Last week Courtney had 2 baseball games.  It was supposed to have been 3 but the last one got rained out.  Thank goodness because those were 2 late nights in a row!  Cael was such a trooper both nights.  I hate not feeding him dinner until 8:00 but I'm not going to buy him crap at the concession stands!  So we got up Saturday & I couldn't find Courtney's camera anywhere!!  I searched everywhere for it!  Courtney searched everywhere for it!  Between the 2 of us we searched the van 3 times.  I had given up hope & decided I must have taken it to the game in Atchison & left it there.  I really didn't think I had but it was nowhere!  We took the Blazer to Wal-Mart to get the tires rotated & balanced & came home to take Cael for a walk.  I opened the door to get him out & there was the camera!!  It was under his seat but far enough back we didn't feel it & driving popped it out!  Yay!  We took Cael out for a walk in his wagon.  He finally wore a hat for the first time!  He isn't as big a fan as his daddy.  Here's his cheesey face.

 Riding in his wagon from Granddad & Grandma Marsh.

 Fun in the yard with Miller.

 Winston followed him around the entire yard!

 This morning we were hanging out in our room & Cael was "playing" with his Old Maid game.

Comfy watching Super Why!

 Trying to pull his wagon by himself.

 He gave up on the wagon pretty quickly.
 Last week yardwork, this week the garage.  What will next week be?
 Tonight daddy hooked the wagon up to the lawn mower & took Cael for a ride! 
He had a blast!

If these last 2 weekeds are any indication of what our summer is going to be we are going to have a great summer!  I think we'll be spending a lot of time outside!!