The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

We decided to go to a tree farm in Platte City on Sunday to cut down our Christmas tree.  We've had a real tree every Christmas now since Cael was born.  That was one tradition that Courtney wanted for our family.  The last 2 years we haven't gone to a tree farm but we have had a real tree.  This year we went in hopes of finding the perfect tree to cut down ourselves....yeah.  The trees were lovely but they weren't that big....or full.  Every tree we found had a big bare spot.  We ended up getting one that they had already cut down.  Here are some pix of Cael & daddy checking out trees....

A perfect Cael sized tree!  Too bad it would be too difficult to take care of or we would put it in his room!  We did end up putting a fake one we had in Puerto Rico in his room.

Cael is obsessed with the movie Cars now.  He was running around the tree farm being a "racing car".
 "Dinoco All Mine!!!"

 This was the first tree we thought we were going to get.  We decided it was too fat & would be hard to get into the house.

 I got out the ornaments & put on the lights.  Then Cael started taking out ornaments & putting them on the tree!  I couldn't believe he wanted to help so much!

 "Up high, Daddy!"

 Putting up his new Lightning McQueen ornament from Grammy & Papa up.

 He had to put the star on the top.

 He was over decorating so he went downstairs to play while mommy finished the tree!

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