The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Fun!

We are finally back in school for a full week this week!  We've had 4 snow days plus the holiday so Cael hasn't been away from us for more than 3 days since Christmas.  Let me tell ya - I can tell!!  He hasn't been his loving, quiet, calm, happy self at daycare until this morning!  Yesterday he screamed so much when I was trying to leave (which yes made me cry) and when Tracy picked him up he slapped her across the face!!  Luckily today he seemed back to his old self (fingers crossed).

When we had our snow days we took Cael out for a few minutes.  It was too cold to take him out for very long at all.  Here are some pictures of Mr. Boy in the snow - see how deep it was?!

 Yeah he decided he didn't need gloves!

 Such a cute little booger!!!

 And when we came inside he decided he was a dog.  How much would you pay for that little doggy?

 This is part of the reason why I have to take my students out the front door & not out our classroom door.  That might hurt a little!

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