The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, January 01, 2011

I'm a big boy now???

Mommy decided I am ready for my toddler bed already!  Crazy woman!!  I decided that I could at least help daddy set it up so here I am being VERY helpful while daddy converted my crib to a big boy bed.

 He did a good job!  I can't believe you want me to sleep here!!!!

If I'm such a big boy then that means I get to eat my banana the way I want to....even if that means sharing with my dogs & eating in my room!

Maybe I'll share my banana with Mickey....or not!  (Thanks for the cool sheet Uncle Travis, Aunt Nicole, AJ & KayLynn!)

See!  Told ya I could eat my banana how I want to!

Okay so my new bed is pretty neat but I didn't feel like sleeping there all night!  I slept until about midnight and then decided I needed my mommy.  Daddy left the gate open so by the time mommy heard me I was on my way downstairs!  Someone better remind daddy to shut the gate!!  Maybe I'll sleep all night tonight in my big boy bed....

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