The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE Ipod Thingy

People have been asking me about my ipod thingy (I don't know what to call it!) so I thought I would explain & show pictures.  If I just explain it it can be a little confusing.  So  here it is!

This is the sensor & plug in for your ipod.  I got mine for $30 at the Nike Outlet at the Legends.  You can also order them online.

You can spend a bunch of money on the special Nike shoes that the sensor goes in the bottom but I didn't.  You can buy a pouch that laces onto your shoe for like $7 online.

 You don't even know the pouch & sensor are on your shoe while you run!

 You plug the other thing into your ipod & when you turn it on you see "Nike + Ipod".  That's where you go!  You can have it programmed by time, distance, calories burned, etc.  I have it programmed by custom distance so I can change it each week when I run farther.  It comes on & tells me when I've run 1/2 mile, halfway through, 1 mile, 300 meters, etc.  Then it tells you when you have run your distance.  Lance Armstrong comes on & tells me when I've run my fastest mile & some chick comes on to tell me when I've run my farthest. 

It is really cool & I highly recommend getting one if you need some extra motivation or encouragement to walk or run!

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