The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas 2010

What a difference a year makes when it comes to open Christmas gifts with a baby!  Last year Cael didn't really care about what was going on at Christmas.  He had fun but he didn't open gifts or anything.  This year we couldn't keep him out of the presents....his or anyone elses!

Here he is with his cool bath toy from Cool Aunt Joy.  He LOVES this thing!  It makes the water run through it constantly.  He tries to drink out of it!

This was originally part of his Halloween costume until we changed it to R2D2.  He loves to push the button over & over & over again!  He doesn't like having the tools in it either.  They have to be out so he can fix things!

 Not sure if this was even one of his gifts but he opened it anyway.

 The big one!  His gift from Santa - a 1948 Indian.  It makes engine sounds, goes forward with the headlight on, goes in reverse with a tail light on. 


 Well maybe I'll just push it!

 Look at all my loot!!

Now I look like a real biker!

 Can I ride it backwards?

 Ha ha, Charlie!!  I'm in your house now.  What are you going to do about it?

Cael's gift from Granddad & Grandma Marsh.  Courtney could even hook up my ipod to it and it played it through a big speaker.  Unfortunately there was an issue with it's battery & they had to take it back & just get the money.  :(

 O.M.G!!  Mickey on a HUGE screen!!

 We had to go to McDonalds in Salina because AJ wanted to go down the slide with Cael.  Cael couldn't go down the slide because he was too small but they still had fun!

Cael & mommy went to wrestling practice with daddy so he could ride his motorcycle in the gym.  He got pretty good at long as he has lots of space!

 We had to go show the neighbors his bike.  He really liked the chain on their gate.  He liked it so much he decided to hook himself like a fish!


Mar said...

Love the pacifier in the biker's mouth!He is too cute!

Grandma Marsh said...

Such great pictures and love the music to!!!!