The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, March 07, 2011

Wrestling is over!

So our lives should be back to somewhat normal, right?!  If that's what you think then you don't know the Marsh family very well!  Wrestling ended on Saturday and baseball started on Monday.  Our trip to state wrestling was, well, interesting.  I suppose interesting is one word for it...

We got up Thursday morning to head to Hays.  The plan was for me to go to the school for my class picture and Courtney would load up the Blazer while I was gone.  When I got home we would head to Easton for the pep rally for the boys and then head to Minneapolis to go to Rock City.  Should be an easy day, right?  Ha!!  I went to the school and had a beautiful picture taken with my kiddos and then came home.  Courtney had the Blazer loaded & got Cael loaded while I changed clothes.  We got into the Blazer and......the damn thing wouldn't start!!!  Like not at all.  Like no turning over.  Like no trying.  We got a click but NOTHING ELSE!!  Are you kidding me??  So after about 20 minutes of trying & a lot of cussing by Courtney I sent him to Easton in the van while the neighbor came over to help me.  Yeah, damn thing still wouldn't do anything!  So Courtney drove home...with the 4 other cars from our caravan following him (yeah, a little embarrassing!) to load everything into the van.  So we got on the road at least 30 minutes late.  We drove normal til about Lawerence and then had to slow down because it was a little slick.  Around Topeka it was dry for the most part.  Then we got to Abilene & the van in front of me spun out.  Like in a circle on the interstate!  After that we decided to slow down, way down.  We finally made it to Hays and didn't even try to go to Rock City.  For the last 80 miles or so I drove 45...that's a lot different than my normal driving!  We met my cousin Jacque for dinner that night at our hotel and things were fine.  Friday we got up and made it to the college & things went pretty well.  The boys wrestled really well that day.  Travis & Nicole and the girls came up.  Cael was less than nice to his cousins!  He refused to share anything.  If AJ even looked at his snacks he threw a fit!  That night I decided he didn't need to be at Hays anymore.  I think he didn't like how different the set up was from all the other tournaments.  He couldn't really run around at all unless he was out in the walking area so he couldn't see wrestling.  Sharon & Wilbur met me, Cael & Curtis in Russell that night to take Mr. Boy.  Friday night we had a great dinner & had fun hanging out with everyone.  Saturday we got up and went to the college & watched Jared get 5th place.  It was a pretty good wrestling season for the Rams!  Saturday night we drove to Minneapolis in okay weather.  It was nice to not have to drive all the way home.  We got up Sunday and went to see Calvin & Donna in Salina.  Then we drove the FOG.  Not a little fog.  Mucho, mucho FOG!  We were so glad to finally be home! 

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