The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Home Management Binder

Okay so I'm home with a sick Cael :( and I should be doing something productive, right?  Instead I'm sitting in the chair with a headache (due to a lack of sleep, I'm sure!) checking out a bunch of blogs & websites about getting organized.  I know what you're thinking.  Kelly?  Organized??  Those 2 things don't go together!!  Well I'm trying - or getting ready to try at least. 

I've looked at several blogs where they have a home management binder and I've decided maybe that will help me out.  I already started a binder for my bills as a way to try to keep them more organized.  Now I've decided to add more to it.

So I think I've decided what sections I will have in my binder: 1) Emergency information; 2) Contacts; 3) Cael or family information; 4) family calendar; 5) Menu planning; 6) Cleaning schedule; 7) Bills (the easy one that I already started - yay me!).  Oh!  And in the very front I will have a pencil pouch that has red pens, pens, white out, stamps, a calculator and anything else little I think I'll need.  As far as the cleaning schedule - we'll see what happens.  I don't know if I can stick with cleaning schedule, it may just end up posted at the front of the notebook.  Who knows!

I hope this will help me get organized.  I really want to get more organized in our house & just in my life in general.  I would love to tackle my classroom too but I'm taking baby steps!  I'll try to post pictures of the Marsh Family Binder.  Wish me luck!

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