The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

State Wrestling 2012

We got home from our state wrestling "weekend" last night.  We are all pretty tired but hanging in there!  Cael & I drove out to Hays Wednesday night - they moved state to Thursday & Friday this year because Fort Hays was hosting some other things Saturday & Sunday.  We got there late Wednesday & Cael got a 2nd wind.  He did not want to go to sleep!  Thursday we were at wrestling all day and Travis & Nicole were there.  Travis took Cael to Russell to meet Wilbur so he could spend some quality time with AJ, KayLynn, Auntie Sharon & Uncle Wilbur.  I was disappointed that he would miss the 2nd day but I knew he would have fun.  All 3 of our boys made it to Friday but our 113 pounder was out Friday morning & our 120 pounder was 1 match away from medaling.  Our 152 pounder went on to get 2nd place!  We were pretty excited.  We were definitely hoping for 1st but we'll take 2nd! 

One of the boys had a pillow pet that Cael was wrestling.  Then Coach had to play "hide the coin" with Cael - who of course found it every time!  Cael did so great Thursday while he was there.  I was very proud of him!!

This was the "parade of champions" & Jared getting ready for finals. 

Lookin' all spiffy!  They were even on TV!

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