The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, February 03, 2012

Life lately

Things as usually have been a little crazy around the Marsh house.  We're doing pretty well though!  We've been busy with wrestling on the weekends & daycare kiddos running around here during the week.  Cael is loving both!!  He is very good friends now with Noah, who is Jared's (a wrestler) nephew, and Elijah, a daycare friend.  He also seems to really love MacKenna who is the 6 month old girlie at our daycare.  Keaton started this week & Cael loves to give him his binkie.  He helps mommy feed MacKenna and yesterday tried to help her "crawl".  Well okay not really, he grabbed her by her dress and dragged her across the floor....yeah he sat in time out for that.  Then he pushed Elijah....more time out.  I've been watching Supernanny lately and trying some of her methods because I'm awesome like that!  I also had 2 brothers come to daycare this last week that will be there just 1 day a week.  One of them was in my Kindergarten class this year.  Yep.  That's all I'll say.  I might have to tell them they can't come though because I got an e-mail last night about 2 brothers who are 18 months & 4 years.  If I would get them I would be full on my numbers!  Yay!  Because I have 3 under 18 months I can only have 7 total.  If they would come to inspect & I'm over on numbers I would be in trouble.  :(  We don't want that!  I might be able to work something out to get everyone here, we'll just have to see.  I am praying I get these 2 brothers full time.  Life would be much easier, at least financially.  I think Cael would LOVE it!  I'm so proud of him for how he is behaving with friends around here.  He is such a big boy!! 

Courtney has a wrestling dual tournament tonight in Onaga but I don't think Cael & I will make it.  Elijah doesn't usually leave until 5:00 or later and I'll have to go deposit checks from today & drop off our tax stuff so we can get our money :) and it's an hour to an hour & a half drive there.  I'd get there maybe around 7:00-7:30 or later and they'll probably wrestle until 9:00ish.  I don't want to be in the car longer than I would be at wrestling!  I hate missing wrestling & so does Cael but that's our life now so we'll deal with it.  I have to put on my big girl panties!  I told Courtney that I know it's better for our bank accounts but not for my sanity.  Wrestling is my out!!  Wrestling is when I can get out and be among adults!!  Oh well, date night for mommy & Cael. 

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

Cael & Noah playing with cars at wrestling.  As long as we have a bag full of cars we are happy!

 The sister of one of the wrestlers LOVES to play with Cael.  Sometimes he goes to play with her & he doesn't even know he wants to play with her.

 I LOVE how these big teenage boys act around Cael.  They genuinely like being around him.  They play with him, wrestle with him, laugh at him.  I love how he turns these big boys into little boys!  Most of all I love how they treat him & want him around.  I know that if we needed anything for us or for Cael those boys would help us in any way they can.

L.O.V.E. this picture of the 3 coaches!!!

I can't believe these next pictures were taken outside on February 1.  No coats, beautiful weather!

 Oh Miller Dog.  Last week he got into a HUGE fight with a cat.  I heard thumping & bumping on the door downstairs so I opened the blinds.  He was bleeding a little.  I went out there & couldn't see anything.  Miller went under Courtney's old grill AND a stack of lawn chairs into a little corner.  There was a big black cat in the corner.  When Miller backed out he had this cat attached to his face!!  His ear filled up & we thought it was just another round of cauliflower ear.  This past Monday I opened the door to let him in to eat & he had blood all over his face and it was dripping from his ear.  We took him to the vet thinking the hematoma had ruptured & he would have to have surgery.  They called the next morning and said it was just an absess that was infected from the cat biting his ear.  The absess got so big it split his ear open.  Yuck!  So he has to wear his collar & take medicine until the infection is gone.  Poor dumb dog!

I love this picture of Cael!

 Some of the daycare kiddos outside playing.

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jizzle said...

He's not a dumb dog, he was protecting you! Poor SMART dog! Love you Miller!