The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I promised yesterday that I would put up some pictures so you aren't just reading silly words on this thing.  Here they are finally!

Yeah, so I forgot about some pictures that were still on my camera.  Here is Cael painting some Christmas presents. 

All the cousins took a bath together over Christmas break.  Well, not ALL of them.  You'll be happy to know that Curtis, Travis & Courtney DID NOT take a bath together!  ;)

We had some pretty beautiful days here - enough so that we've been able to play outside in light jackets!  I forget sometimes that it's January!

And, of course, there has been wrestling!  We've had 2 tournaments since Christmas break.  Last weekend was a 2 day so we got to stay in a hotel.  Cael was up until 11:00 Friday night!  We had a dual on Tuesday of this week so that was another late night.  Courtney has a JV tournament Friday night & a Varsity tournament Saturday.  Cael & I are sitting out for the JV on Friday.  It's in Holton & so is the Saturday tournament.  In case you don't know my history with the Holton tournament....every year I go to the JV on Friday.  I can get there in 60 degree weather & when I leave that night, just a few hours later, it will be snowing or icy!!!  EVERY year.  NEVER fails!  And we get home late & have to get up early Saturday to go to the same place.  So this year it was either skip it & go see Grammy & Papa or go & sleep in a hotel with money we don't have.  Pretty easy decision!  So while daddy is working hard we'll be eating!  I feel bad for skipping out but I think it's for the best.  Papa was gone last weekend & will be gone for the next 2 or 3 weekends coming up so he needs some Cael time.  And Cael's been asking about Papa's house.  Cael has been doing amazing at tournaments this year!  I was worried but he has surprised me.  He just plays with his race cars....all. day. long.

Courtney is heading home this afternoon to be with our friend Alex.  Alex's dad, Jim, passed away Sunday morning.  Jim was a very nice man who will be greatly missed.  Jim, Dixie & Alex were all involved in Courtney's proposal, we used to go out there & ride horses with him & Alex was in our wedding.  Praying that they will find comfort during this difficult time.

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