The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 3: Organize Pantry, Spices & Food" target="_blank">" height="200" width="200" alt="52 Week Organized Home Challenge">

I already finished week 3 of my 52 week challenge.  I'm pretty proud of how it turned out and now I just have the challenge of keeping it that way.  Hmmmm....  This week I have cleaned out our Tupperware drawer & cabinet and sorted through what had lids and what didn't, what I used and what I didn't.  I now have a big box of stuff that I have to figure out what to do with.  Take them to the DAV of Salvation Army?  Take them out to the trash?  Put them in storage - NO!  I think my husband was impressed by my efforts the last couple of weeks but he of course doesn't really show it.  I get an, "Oh.  Wow."  Not even an excited Oh!  Wow!  Just an Oh.  Wow.  Oh well. 

I'm excited about next week's challenge which is organizing the freezer & fridge.  I might even start on it early - that's how excited I am!  Yes, it is nice to be home & be able to do all of this & to be home with Mr. Boy.  Having said that I also must say that I miss having somewhere to go every day.  I miss teaching.  I miss my classroom.  I miss seeing people every day that were excited to see me.  I know things will get better with my little daycare & the kids will start coming - this week is just a frustrating one.  I have a little one that comes....sometimes.  He was here every day last week but I never knew what time he was coming.  This week he hasn't shown up at all yet!  On Monday he hadn't shown up by noon so I left to run errands.  At 1:15 I get a call saying he's almost to the house so I said I would rush home.  I rushed home and got a phone call at 1:45 saying he wasn't coming.  Yesterday I called him to see what time he would be coming so I could finish errands.  He said around noon....and never showed up.  Seriously?!  I need some serious parents who are going to come when they say they are.  I need some stability for my own sanity!  Cael needs friends to come play.  I am so scared about what this decision is going to do to him in the long run it makes me sick to my stomach!  Courtney tries to tell me that he will be fine and that everything will work out.  I hope he's right.  But anyway - enough complaining.  We had a wrestling meet last night & I met a wrestler's mom who has a daycare.  She took my name & number and said she would refer people to me.  I hope I get some calls....and soon!  I have a few pics of Cael from the weekend & Monday when it was so beautiful out that I will try to post this afternoon.  As for now - I'm off to play race cars with the most important person in this house.

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