The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well I had my glucose tolerance test on Thursday of this past week. I apparently passed and do not have gestational diabetes which is a good thing! I tested my blood sugar on the way home (no I wasn't driving :)) and my level was 48...that's LOW!! Even for me that's low! Apparently they aren't too concerned about my low levels - I'm SURE my levels were low with the 3 tests they did. I got there at 7:00 am and they tested my fasting blood sugar. My level was 84 which is completely normal. Then I drank 16 oz. of the nasty glucose solution (thank goodness it was on ice so it wasn't as bad) and sat for 3 hours. Every hour they drew a vial of blood. I had 3 tests in my right arm, 1 from my right hand (ouch!) and 1 try from my left arm. That one didn't work and the lady was fishing for it and that hurt. I'm a little bruised now but not too bad. I'm happy that my levels came back good so I don't have to change anything that I've been doing. I need to start exercising more which I plan to do starting Monday (I'm hoping to exercise 4 - 5 days a week instead of 3).

Nothing else too exciting has been happening. I spent my spring break buying new dressers for me and Courtney so the baby could have my dresser. That was Monday and I overdid it a little. I emptied all 3 of our drawers and moved them out of our room (a little too heavy to do at 30 weeks pregnant!), Tuesday I drove to Overland Park and got fabric to make the curtains for our boy's closet and had lunch with my Mom. That night I spent 4 1/2 hours at Courtney's first JV baseball game. They had a double header and won both of them! Their first game they won 8-3 and their second 16-8. They hit very well but could have fielded a bit better - how to you blow an 11-1 lead?! Wednesday I sewed curtains...until my machine shot craps! I was so mad!! I don't sew but somehow I was doing it and things were going great and then I killed the machine. Hopefully I can borrow a sewing machine from someone this week and finish the curtains. I can't wait to finish them. After I finish the sewing and ironing Courtney will spray paint the zig zags on them so they look like Charlie Brown's shirt - how cute will that be?! That is all thanks to Courtney's cousin Travis. I was going to get Snoopy fabric and he suggested the shirt looking idea. It will look so neat!! Thursday was spent at the hospital for my test and then sleeping for most of the afternoon. Yesterday Courtney had the day off so we got to spend the day together. My Mom and Dad came and delivered another matching dresser for the baby's room (it's in his closet unless we decide to turn it into a changing table). Then Allyn showed up too so we had dinner with him. Today we are heading to Lawerence to eat at The Mad Greek which is one of our favorite restaurants and tomorrow will be spent at Nic's birthday party. I can't believe he is 10 years old!!! Time flies!! Update on Kate - no baby yet!! Her due date came and went (Thursday) without any sign of baby Hattie. Maybe she's in labor right now....wouldn't that be great?! If not she will have Hattie by Monday because they're going to make sure of that starting tomorrow! We fly down there next Friday night. We will spend the day Saturday taking care of Mommy and Baby!! I have another appointment with my doctor on Tuesday so I'll keep you posted on what happens there...which will be nothing I'm sure.... Have a great week and Happy Easter tomorrow!!

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joyous said...

Do not turn my dresser into a changing table.

That is all.