The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monday in Culebra

Our plan for Monday morning was to get up and drive to Zone Beach for sunrise. Well, the alarm went off at 5:15 and we decided it was a great morning to sleep in instead. We got up round 8:30 or so, got packed, got gas in "the Thing", got breakfast, and drove to the beach. It was a long drive for such a small island but the roads are narrow and winding. There were a few steep hills that I wasn't sure our Thing would make it back up but it performed like a champ! We ate our breakfast on the beach and headed back to catch the afternoon ferry back to the main island. Here are a few pictures we took on Zone beach. I love the picture of Courtney & me that Tori took and I especially loved the picture of Courtney...he had no idea I was taking it!

We drove back and got our things loaded up (which took up all of the room in the Thing) then headed to take our car back to Dick, the man we rented from. The entire island of Culebra is basically old hippies and Dick is just that! Here's a picture of our Thing loaded up (or down, however you'd like to say it!) and us with Dick, the Thing's owner.

To take us back to the dock, Dick loaded us and all of our goodies into his beat up van. It is rusting out...completely. The back door is just about to fall off! Courtney had to sit in the back with our stuff. We got on the ferry to come home and while we were riding we saw some interesting things. We saw dolphins jumping in the water...I was so excited! Then we looked over to the island of Vieques (where the Dill's and Lakner's were) and we saw a funnel cloud over the water. We got home safe and sound and have spent the last 2 days recovering and cleaning up from our trip. If you come down to visit and want to go on a somewhat secluded island adventure we'll take you to Culebra! See ya in a month!!

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