The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dr. Seuss' birthday...and not much else

Not much to tell about this weekend either. I had already finished this post when I read Katie's blog and remembered Thursday! I had to come back and share. On Thursday we got to school and there were no lights. This isn't usually a big deal, happens occassionally. Well, the only problem is we have no windows in the entire joke people. This made for some very dark classrooms. Most of the rooms had no air conditioning either with the power out. I luckily had air but no lights, Courtney on the other hand had both. Lucky! We spent the first 3 HOURS of school with no lights! It was insane! It was hot, the kids thought it was recess all day, it was a mess! My class and Katie's class are reading buddies on Friday afternoons. This last Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday so we decided to celebrate together. On Thursday night we made Cat in the Hat cupcakes. They turned out so cute. They're a plain cupcake frosted, then you cut a wafer cookie into 2 pieces, frost them, put them on the cupcake in the shape of a hat, add red stripes, and there you have it. On Friday our classes made their own hats and we ate the cupcakes. Courtney had his students write their own Dr. Seuss stories after reading a bunch of them in class. We all had a pretty good week. Friday night was very interesting, to say the least. For more on that I'll let you ask Courtney. All I can say about it is: it was a LONG night and Saturday was spent making sure my hubby was okay. I did alot of running around for him on Saturday while, of course, doing laundry. Don't worry, he's fine now. Today's been much of the same. We did our weekly shopping, finished grades for report cards to go out this week, and watched a movie. I promise you all that next weeks post will be MUCH more exciting with pictures. Katie's friend Jodi is coming on Thursday and on Saturday we're going to a little island off of PR called Caja de Muertos. You take a boat to get there and you spend the entire day. There will be lots of hiking, snorkeling, sun bathing, swimming, etc. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to show you our fun. Then the next week, on the 15th, Sharon & Wilbur, Nicole and one of her friends will be here. We're looking forward to it and already have plans made for what to do. I won't know what to do with myself when I have 2 weeks in a row of fun posts! This picture will have to tide you over until next week. Courtney took it on Thursday after Katie and I made our Dr. Seuss cupcakes. Yep, they were yummy!

I had to steal the next picture from Katie's you can see, the teachers made their own Dr. Seuss hats also! Please excuse the blurry picture, a 3rd grader took it...pretty good job I think!

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