The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What a great day at Wal-Mart!

That's right people, the Marshes had an exciting and fun filled day of shopping at Super Wal-Mart today! Who doesn't love Wal-Mart??? (Don't answer that) Allow me to backtrack...Yesterday Brent got his birthday present in the mail from his parents and it was a Wii. It is so much fun! The boys went to get some accessories and games for the Wii and Kate and I stayed behind to play. We played tennis (the most fun!), we bowled, and we boxed. The boxing game is quite a workout! My arms are feeling it they should be because I KOd 2 different guys. This morning we got up and did laundry (no surprise) and then drove to Santa Isabel to do shopping for Thanksgiving. I know it sounds early but I knew if I didn't go I wouldn't get the good stuff. They're not to great about restocking shelves down here in PR. You can wait for the same thing for weeks (or even months) before they get more and I didn't want to take a chance. We ate at Taco Bell before shopping...we really took our fast food Mexican eating for granted in Kansas. Then we got to Wally World and found out that Carlito (a professional wrestler for the WWE) was there to sign autographs. How exciting! In case you didn't know, Courtney USED to be a huge wrestling fan. Not so much now but it was still neat to see the man. He's rather funny looking and his picture was of him with an apple (Scott, I don't think it was a Honey Crisp!). Not quite sure about his love for apples but I've heard he eats them and spits them on people. Interesting. Anyway, then we were walking along and this little boy was being quite the pain in the butt to his mama. So she went behind and spanked his little hiney! We couldn't believe it! First time we'd ever seen it here. These kids unfortunately don't get much discipline at home so it was surprising to see this happen in public. Wow! What a day! Tomorrow will be a fun filled day of, well, nothing but watching football. Then work all week and wait patiently for 11:00 Saturday night which is when my parents will arrive. We can't wait for them to get here and now we're ready for Thanksgiving which will be pretty big this year. Have a great week!

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ScottE. said...

I hope he doesn't eat and spit out a honey crisp! Those are not cheap apples.