The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

We had a relaxing and fun weekend. Friday after school we all went to Brandemar to unwind. We stayed until 7:30 when it was time to go to the baseball game. We left in the top of the 10th when it looked like the Brujos had given up. On the drive home we found the radio station with the game so we listened to them finally win! Yahoo! Then Saturday morning Katie and I got up and headed to Old San Juan to take some pictures. We figured it might be the last time we go to OSJ and we wanted to just walk around and take it all in. It was nice to have a girl's day out. We ate a HUGE lunch of appetizers. We had the biggest jalapeno poppers I'd ever seen! Then we just walked around taking lots of pictures. We found a bathroom that this old woman works at. (I know it sounds crazy - work with me people!) You pay her 50 cents and she lets you use the bathroom. We paid her and she followed us into the bathroom. I was walking into the stall with my purse and camera bag and she said, "Handbags on the floor." Okay, no problem, I was going to turn around and put it on the floor. Then she said, "No! Handbags on the floor!" She stood there watching until I put it on the floor! Then we walked along and came to this cool tree with a statue near it. On a bench was this old woman sleeping. We thought for a little while she might be dead but then we saw her breathing. Katie decided to lay down on the bench next to her so I could take a picture. We had to be very quiet so she didn't wake up - that would have been a bit embarrassing! We walked down the path a little ways and were taking pictures. This man was apparently trying to take pictures and we were in his way. Katie heard him say, "Okay girls!" and then we moved. We walked to where he had been to take a few pictures and he and his wife got up and moved to stand in front of us and would not move! Needless to say we didn't get any pictures because we are not as rude as he was. Oh, by the way, his wife had these 2 huge tattoos of pink bows on the backs of her legs. They were so gross! We decided we needed a free drink so we went to the Casa Don Q and got drinks. I bought my dad and Courtney the Don Q Grand Anejo and the guy let me try it. Not horrible but definitely not my favorite. We had to buy some because that is the only place you can get it. They don't sell Don Q rum in the states. After that we drove home and watched KU send Roy Williams and his team down in flames!!!! What an exciting day!! Today's been spent packing up some things, groccery shopping, and just relaxing. Hope everyone has a great week and be sure to watch KU become the National Champs tomorrow night! Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday's OSJ...excuse me, OJS, trip.


joyous said...

Ew, that lady is really gross. And she doesn't know how to dress.

Curt said...

I could think of a more apropriate place to put a bow