The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's now or never!

First, I want to thank my wonderful wife for keeping this BLOG (and me) going for the past two years. I think all who read this would agree that she has done a wonderful job with both tasks.

So, I figure if I'm going to do this BLOG thing, I'd better do it now. I'm writing in first person singular because, while my wife may share these sentiments, they are my views, and not necessarily hers. The entire PR experience has taught me so many things, and I don't regret it for a second. I have learned to appreciate the innocence of children, the potential of humans, and the love of a good woman. I have learned that no matter what the challenge, it can be faced and conquered. I have learned that in this world there is no room for cowardice, and your destiny is what YOU make it. I have learned how much I love and miss my family, and how happy I am to be from somewhere where shit gets done. I have learned what it's like to be the immigrant and the minority, so be nice, many who read this will never understand what that's like. I have felt the other side of racism. I have learned that at the end of some days, there is no better remedy than a cold beer or a smooth rum. I have learned that my friends are the greatest a man could have, and don't even get pissed when I call them when I'm piss drunk and missing home. I have learned that PR is a beautiful place with limitless potential and limited ability. I have learned that the friends I have made here will never be too far away (yo soy boricua pa' que tu lo sepas cabrones!). I have learned that blood does not make family, and that I have a new brother and sister who I will cherish forever. I have learned my strengths, and been humbled by my weaknesses. I have learned how to lead, and when not to follow. I have learned the importance of sunscreen. I have learned that year-round summer ROCKS! That said, I still secretly miss snow. I have learned that only Americans can truly appreciate Johnny Cash. I have learned that I can live on less than I made in college. I have learned that it is difficult to teach a Russian how to play Uno. I have learned that there is nothing better than coming home to two wagging tails (that's even better than the rum). To sum up, I have now lived a long-time dream that sometimes seemed a nightmare, but has taught me so much more than is listed above. Thank you to everyone who has helped us throughout this journey, and followed it on Kelly's fantastic BLOG. I especially want to thank Kelly, her folks, my dad, my aunt Sharon, and everyone who came to visit us. What can I say about the last two years? The same thing I hope I will be able tlo say about all the years to come. I have learned...


Dancer in DC said...

Courtney (& Kelly), we miss you so much, and can't wait for your next visit to DC. You really went out on a limb and that's something to be admired.

When you arrive, we promise to have some Don Q and plenty of beer. Because we owe you so much!

ScottE. said...

Well spoken.

See you on your visit to DC.

joyous said...

Courty, you're a poet and a philosopher and you've been hiding it all these years! Can't wait for you to be back.


ps- Stinky, you better have rewarded him for those words!

Mar said...

I am proud of both of you for going on that great adventure to PR. It was such a great experience and something that will be a part of you forever. Most young couples don't get to teach outside the continental US and realize how very lucky we are in America. Take all those lessons learned and put them to good use.