The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're not in Puerto Rico anymore, Toto....

And partying in KS is certainly not the same!! We had our house warming / birthday party for Courtney last weekend and it was.....A BUST!!! The important people were there like: me, Courtney, the dogs, mom, dad, Aunt Sandi, my friend Anne came, Ada, Susan, Carol R., Jackie Q., and -seriously folks- that was it!! I couldn't believe all the people who didn't come. I was, to be quite honest, embarrassed and a little hurt. So yesterday I had a meltdown. It was ugly. It was bad. It was really depressing. I melted down because of the party Saturday, I got a new student (again!), any weight loss I was having has stopped, and we're broke! So I thought it would get better yesterday because I was getting paid....WRONG!! The bank number they had had too many digits so my payment was rejected. Isn't that a kick in the balls?! So I had to call around to figure that out and spend 24 more hours in the poor house. I did finally get paid today and, what's that, in the poor house again?! Already?! Oh yes people, poor again. That's called paying bills. I know life will get better and "easier" soon when Courtney gets paid and we pay off our Blazer but for right now things bite. But anyway! I'm done bitching. It's time to put on my big girl panties and deal with life. School is going pretty well, Courtney is enjoying his school so far, we have a beautiful house, we have wonderful friends, and this weekend is a 3 day weekend! The only thing that could make life better would of course be if we were on the beach but we'll take what we can get! Hope you all have a fabulous week. Thanks for listening to me vent.


joyous said...

You can vent to me any time, Stinky. I would have come to your party and embarrased you until you smiled.


Mar said...

And I would have come if I still lived in Kansas!!