The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter weekend

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I know you are all heartbroken! Last week Tracy had a birthday/Easter party for the kiddos and Cael was WORN OUT! By the time I got him home & pulled into the garage he was asleep! It was so cute because he had a death grip on the bunny that she gave him so I had to take pictures!

Last weekend for Easter we went home. We hadn't been home in about a month so it was nice to see everyone again. When we got to Granddad Marsh's house we decided we needed to get Cael a walker for there. He gets bored when we're there because he just gets passed around. He's at the age now where he wants to be we went & got him a walker. He loves to ram into the dogs & chase them down in his walker! It was nice because at Calvin's house it's all hardwood floors. Cael would run from the kitchen to the living room over & over & over again. Then he figured out how to ram into the chair or whoever was sitting there. One night Courtney's friend, Grant, was there & everytime Cael rammed into him he'd yell "Boom!" which Cael thought was hillarious. He also figured out how to go really fast & then lift his feet up to coast to a stop. He's such a goof!!

We spent part of Saturday with Great Aunt Kim & Bogum (Great Grandma Butler). Cael had a lot of fun with Izzy. He took a tiny nap & was in a pretty good mood...for the most part. We went over to Dustin & Monica's after that and he was pretty fussy. His nap schedule was off & he was getting passed all around which can make him a little grumpy.

We spent Sunday at Sharon's for East lunch. He got to meet some relatives for the first time & go on his first Easter egg hunt! He took a good nap while we ate lunch and then was ready to party. Courtney took him out for the Easter egg hunt while I took pictures. Since he can't walk yet Daddy had to carry him to the eggs. He picked them up by himself though! He looked so cute on Easter. He was wearing jeans, a button down shirt & a tie! So stinking cute!!!

We got to meet 1 of the newest members of the family. We had to take a picture of the 3 babies. Joshua & KayLynn are 1 week apart and Cael is of course 8 months older than them. Joshua looks almost as big as Cael!!

We took Cael outside to the playset that Sharon & Wilbur have set up. We put him in the little swing and he LOVED it!! I think we've figured out what to get him for his birthday! A swing will fit perfect under our deck so he'll be out of the sun. I think we also need to get him a sandbox because he loved it so much at the beach. I can't believe I already have to start thinking about that!!

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