The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm back!

I know for most people 2 weeks is no big deal. But for those of us who follow blogs it's a lifetime! I apologize to those of you, if there are any, that follow this blog for not updating it lately. Let's get a recap of the last few weeks.

Two weeks ago the Dill family came through Leavenworth & stayed with us. It was so nice to get to see them again. That's twice this summer which is more than in the last 2 years!! It was a quick visit. Miller had his surgery the day they arrived so we wanted to stick close to home to keep an eye on him. The next morning Kate & I had pedicures. It was a nice quiet time.

After that we've just been taking it easy. I've been tutoring all summer so I continued with that. Cael went to Minneapolis and spent some quality time with his Auntie Sharon for a few days. Courtney & I met her & Nicole in Topeka to make the hand off. He was there Tuesday night, Wednesday & Thursday and Courtney & I went to Minneapolis Thursday night. We were playing in a mud volleyball tournament at the fair that night. Yep you guessed it! We sucked! We actually didn't suck as bad as any of us thought we would so that was good. The first game we lost 15-8 but the second game was only 15-12. The next morning we got up & took Cael to have his picture taken. It will be his second time in the Minneapolis Messenger for the Future Leaders of Tomorrow edition. Last time his picture was taken he was 5 weeks old. Now it didn't run until he was 5 months old but still. This time he was 13 months old...we'll see how old he is when it comes out! I can't wait to get the picture back so I can post it - it is adorable!! We had to come back Friday night because Miller was supposed to get taken care of Saturday but if you scroll down a few posts you'll find out what happened.

Last weekend we went to my mom & dad's apartment for lunch with Aunt Sandi. Courtney & I took some time to go shopping. I have lost 12 pounds in the last month which thrills me!! Luckily Old Navy was having a sale for teachers - 25% off!! Woo whoo!! Mama saved over $100!!! This is the first time in 2 years that I've been excited about my clothes for school. Finally my maternity clothes are too big. Of course my pre-pregnancy clothes are still too small but I'm working on it. For those woman who bounce back to their old bodies just days or weeks after make me sick!!! It has taken me a year to accept that my body is not the same & it is hard to get back to where I was but I'm getting there. I tried on clothes and bought several outfits for the start of school. Am I happy about how I look in them? Not really but I don't completely hate how I look either. And that is what I like to call progress!! Tomorrow I get to wear one of my new outfits when I work enrollment at school. Not really too excited about it but I get paid so I'll survive!

We haven't been doing much else. I've been tutoring. Courtney's been doing stuff around the house. Cael's been playing. The dogs have been lazy. I start back to work on Monday which doesn't thrill me but then again they didn't ask my opinion! Courtney has to go back 1 day next week & then he starts back I think 2 weeks later. They have to wait until the county fair is over. Must be nice!!

I will try to keep this more updated. Once school & sports start there will be more fun pictures of Cael I'm sure. Have a great rest of the week!


Brent, Katie and Hattie said...

Two weeks is a long time! I start hearing about it when I go over a week: )
Hattie sends kisses to her boy!

joyous said...

Start posting more or you will have Angry Aunt Joy instead of Cool Aunt Joy.