The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, August 08, 2010


We'll start with Cael updates first. He is so wonderful! He has been sleeping very well at night. Mommy has been strong at night & if he starts to cry I turn off the monitor and let him go. He doesn't cry more than 5 or 10 minutes and then he's back to sleep. It's been so nice! I don't think I ever posted the video of him going up the stairs but for several weeks he's been crawling/walking up our stairs. He couldn't walk but he could go up the stairs. Well last week we were working on his walking. Normally he would go 4 or 5 steps in between us so last week we did the same thing but Courtney kept backing up. Cael kept following him. He ended up walking the entire length of our hallway!! So yes I now consider my son a walker!!! Yay!! He still crawls quite a bit of the time because he can't stand up on his own yet but when he is standing and he wants something he walks to it. I sent a video of it to Joy and she said he looks like a zombie! He walks with his hands out in front of him and he usually makes a funny noise while he walks. Oh well, at least he's walking!! I haven't recorded it on the Flip yet so hopefully I can do that this week & post it.

Miller. Poor Miller. The last post on Miller was a picture of his button ear. We finally got the buttons out & within 3 days he had cauliflower ear again!! We thought that wasn't supposed to happen after having the buttons. Ha! So 3 weeks to the day that he had his initial surgery he went back under the knife!! He only has 10 buttons instead of 12 this time. Poor guy has been wearing that damn cone on his head for a month now!! He has an appointment on Tuesday but Courtney doesn't think he'll get the buttons out yet. I hope he does but we'll have to see!

I start school with kiddos on Tuesday :(. Courtney still has another week off the lucky dog! Next weekend we were supposed to go play mud volleyball again but the game is Friday night & I have to work until 3:30 and then drive the 3 hours back home so I won't make it. If I go home Cael will be in the baby show at the Del-Fest on Saturday morning. If we go & he's in it I will definitely be recording it and taking tons of pictures which I will get posted as quickly as I can! Have a great week everyone!

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