The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good-bye Dale & Donna!

So a month or so ago our neighbor Dale's dad passed away.  They are getting ready to have an estate sale & then sell the house.  Dale & Donna are moving to California to live with their son, Rick, and his family.  Courtney has spend a few days helping them pack & load a U-Haul.  Last night they came over to eat pizza & then they were headed out bright & early this morning.  Isn't that the cutest picture of them & Cael?? 

They were talking about how their son, Roger, was supposed to have been by to pick up their dog Max to take with him to Texas.  He was going to keep him for 7 months & then air freight him to California.  They hadn't heard from Roger in a week.  The house they are leasing until November doesn't allow pets.  Courtney & I talked and we offered to keep Max here until they can have him.  So, as of today, we have more pets in this house than humans!!  3 humans to 3 dogs & 4 fish!

We will really miss Dale & Donna.  Donna would come over & watch Cael if he was sick or if we needed a little break.  He LOVED going over to their house to run around.  He knew EXACTLY where they kept their food, too!  He would knock on the door & go right to their cabinet with snacks and come out with a bag!  We will definitely miss them and wish there was a way they could stay.  It's hard to try to explain it all to Cael.  I was crying when we said good-bye to them last night and Cael said, "Mommy sad?"  So I said I was.  He said, "You no need be sad, Mommy.  You need be a big boy!"  So mommy will be a big boy.

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