The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, October 23, 2006

The beach is for the dogs...

And this weekend it really was. Miller got his stitches out on Friday after almost 3 weeks so we took all of the dogs to the beach to celebrate. Here's a shot of me, Miller, Lola, & Benny in our "sun shelter" which is basically 1/2 of a tent. It was pretty nice.

Benny looked extra cute sitting on the towell. It was his first trip to the beach and he is a beach dog! He played in the water, barked at the water, tried to lick it until he decided it tasted gross, etc. Winston turned out to be more of a beach dog than we initially thought. Courtney & Brent went for a walk and Courtney walked out into the water. Every time he'd walk Winston would follow. Courtney ended up getting to where the water hit his knees and Winston could no longer touch so he had to swim. Too bad I missed it, I'll bet it was quite a site! He also caught & killed a crab on their walk and had his first taste of horse poop...what a weekend!

Katie & I went out into the water and you couldn't move far without stepping on a live sand dollar. I don't know about you but I didn't realize that sand dollars were ever alive! I don't know what I thought they were but I didn't think it was a living thing! Anyway, we got brave and picked a few up. I had to take a picture of it. In case you've only seen them dead, when they are alive they're green and kind of furry. Here's a picture of the top and bottom of one Katie picked up. They look much different then a dead one!

I just thought this was a super hot picture of my hubbby so I had to put it up...I think he was looking at the coconut that Miller "went" on. He wanted that picture put on but I said don't need to see that, do you? More pictures to hopefully put up this weekend. Friday is my birthday...the big 28 and we're having a party here at Casa Benny. There is also a Halloween party on Saturday night at a bar that one of the teachers owns, J.R. Pub. If you come down we'll take you there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow) to my father-in-law! We wish we could be there to help celebrate but we'll be there soon enough. We made plane reservations for Wed., December 20th...not much longer!!


joyous said...


First of all, it is not fair that I am wearing gloves and a scarf to sit in my office and you are on the beach. Second of all, your husband is hot.

Kelly Marsh said...

Oh yeah, I know!