The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baseball, pinchos, and more...

We've already had an exciting and fun start to our week. Last night we went to watch the son of one of our friends play coach pitch. Mind you, Justin is 3 years old and playing coach pitch with the 5 & 6 year old! He's so tiny compaired to everyone else...but there were actually a few smaller than him! Here he is up to bat. He batted first in the 1st and 2nd innings. Here they let every child bat for the first 2 innings, then it's 3 outs OR 7 runs...which ever comes first. They only made it 3 innings last night because they can't play past 8:00 for the little ones. Justin did pretty well. He didn't get a hit in the 1st but did in the 2nd although it got out at 1st base. I also experienced a new food last night at the game, I ate a bacalaito. It's fried batter that has codfish in it. It was actually pretty good! Here's a few more cute pictures of our little baller.

Tonight we decided to have a "bring your own meat" combo meal with the Dills. I've officially had a night of taking nothing but "cheese" pictures. We made our own pinchos which are huge down here. We used pepper steak, peppers and onions, and Courtney mixed some sauces together. We also had corn on the cob and roasted onion potatoes. Here's the play-by-play photo montage...Step one: putting the fixins on the stick; step two: take a picture cuz they look so pretty; step three: put them on the grill; step four: let them grill; step five: eat (no pictures of that...I was busy!); and step six: be miserable from eating too much.

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