The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let's Go Camping!!

We had our first full week of school in a while this last week and needed to do something to "relax" at the end of the week. If you've kept up with this little BLOG of ours you've seen pictures of Mendez and read stories about him. Well, he owns some land in the mountains North of our town. He invited everyone out to his place to camp out on Friday night and the 4 of us (Dills and Marshes) took him up on it. Mind you, I've never been camping before in my life. We did a little bit of everything on this camping trip of ours. At Christmas Courtney and I brought back our tent...that we've had for 5 years now and never used. Right after school on Friday Courtney and Brent drove to his house and set up our tents. Katie and I went shopping for the night. I couldn't believe all the stuff you need to camp out for 1 night!

I know it's kind of dark but that's Winston by our tent. All 4 dogs got to participate in our night out. They were really well behaved.

The boys were so excited to use their machetes and hatchets to cut wood. The ground was a little wet and so were the wood and leaves around so the fire took some time to build....

...but they did it!!

We roasted hot dogs and made smores...which Mendez had never experienced before. We sang karaoke minus the microphone and words. We sang ALOT of 80s love songs...not quite sure why but that's what was playing.

Here are beach dogs Lola (left) and Benny (right) transformed into camping dogs. Miller and Winston were on the opposite side of the "campgrounds" by our tents.

Towards the end of our night the secretary for our school, Damaris, showed up. She doesn't usually come to our parties so we were excited to see her and we had a blast with her. The picture on the right is Damaris and her cousin Angel, Mendez, Brent, Courtney, me, and Kate. As you can see we were drinking...just a little...

This was the last picture of the night. Our husbands and dogs were already in bed and we finally decided it was time for us to go to bed. As you can see we had lots to fun!

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