The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Weekend

Another weekend was completed here on our little island. Did we do something fun you ask? Of course! Friday night we went to Santa Isabel to do a little shopping for the Super Bowl festivities, ate at a bar & grill, and then went to another teacher's house for a "business meeting". Don't ask! But, if you do ask Courtney will be glad to fill you in. Saturday we got up and did the usual laundry, cleaning, etc. Saturday night we headed over to Coamo for a festival. Every city has a Patron Saint that they celebrate. This weekend was the celebration for Coamo's Saint. We got there and Katie and I were like little kids! We saw carnival rides and cotton candy and we were excited! We went on one ride, the Twilt A Whirl, because the boys didn't trust the rides that went off the ground. They did sound a little funny...don't worry, we haven't heard of any accidents...yet. They were setting up for a concert when we got there so we stuck around and watched a little. They also had vendors around with food and beverages (alcohol city!) and a few shops. Katie and I went shopping for earrings...$1.00 per pair! How could we not?!

Here we are on the Tilt A Whirl.

The boys looked so pretty holding our purses while we were on our ride!

If you want to see how seriously they take drinking and driving down here, look no farther than these pictures. I kid you not - for 25 cents you can give yourself your very own breathalyzer (no clue on the spelling!). It's attached to a wall, you stick in a quarter, take out a straw, blow, and within seconds you have your reading. My husband did it after 4 (or 5, can't remember) beers and he blew...are you ready for this?...a 0.25! Ha! Ha! Don't think it's very accurate, do you? I blew after 3 beers and had a 0.00. I was in the "good" category complete with a smiley face, Brent was in the "warning" category with a goofy face, and Courtney was in the "danger" category with a face that I have no idea what it was. Katie was also "good" blowing a 0.00 after a pina colada. I think I should buy a machine for my house so I can monitor my husband's condition, don't you?

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