The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shopping, fishing, and puppies

I love all of the fun things there are to do here in Puerto Rico but I also love having a weekend to just take it easy. On Friday Katie and I went shopping for shoes because Benny and Lola really enjoy eating her shoes. We went to every store in the mall and couldn't find just the right pair for Katie. We did, however, find a store that had all shoes for $5.00! We couldn't resist...they had some very sexy shoes! I bought 2 pair that are out of my normal shoe comfort zone but hey, might as well! So, we shopped while the boys played video games on Friday. For Valentine's Day coming up I bought Courtney a heavy duty fishing pole. He and Brent had been talking about wanting to fish so I thought he'd really enjoy having a pole of his own. I ended up giving it to him on Friday so they could fish on Saturday. Saturday afternoon the boys had their day out while Katie and I watched Pretty Woman and gave ourselves pedicures. While they were out fishing they met some dogs. One they named Carla and/or Casey although Katie and I said those weren't dog names. They also saw a mama dog with 5 tiny puppies and a group of people visiting PR. They came home, we ate dinner, and then went back to our hangout spot ('s a hotel/restaurant/bar and if you recall, it's the first beach we went to when we got here!). When we got to Brandemar we went to find the puppies to give them some food. I agree with Kate, that's the worst part of living here is the sick puppies and dogs everywhere. We found one of the puppies that Courtney and I fell in love with. We named him Pete! Don't worry Dad, we didn't bring him home! We saw the group they met and had a great time getting to know them until 1:00 this morning! We had such a great time we're getting together with them in Guavate on Friday night. Most of them were born here in PR but have moved to the states. Today's been spent relaxing, we took a nap and watched Little Miss Sunshine. This week will be jampacked also. Our cousin, Curtis, gets in on Thursday afternoon to spend President's Day weekend with us. We'll be taking him to Guavate on Friday to meet our new friends. It should be another great week and weekend!

Here we are in our $5.00 shoes! Big heels are huge down here with every kind of outfit. Might as well dress like everyone else (within limits!) while we're here. The shoes were actually quite comfortable and I can't wait to wear them to school!

Here's Courtney with Pete...isn't he adorable?! Then there's Brent feeding Carla/Carly/Casey/Sally. I think Sally's the best name because she looked like part weiner dog so her name could be Salchicha which is Spanish for sausage...Sally for short. Feel free to leave a comment on our BLOG to let us know which name you think she should have!

Here's our group picture that Kate took with her timer on her camera. We had a blast with these people! We'll see them again in a week before they go back to Chicago.


joyous said...

I think if you name the dog you will keep the dog. Bleeding heart liberals.

I'm coming down there just to shoe shop. I want Katie's shoes!

Kelly Marsh said...

We did not keep the dog...he's still at the beach with his puppy brothers and sisters. We'll just go every once in a while to check on him and feed him because we're nice like that!

joyous said...

Yes you are. And you're totally cute. Like your sister, only smaller.