The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Theme for this weekend: Relax and then FREAK OUT!

Confused?! Here's how this weekend has played out. We got up yesterday morning and did our 2 weeks worth of laundry (you can't do laundry when you have company!) then picked up our house. Nothing unusual about that. We then decided to go relax at the beach. Again, nothing unusual. It was a wonderful way to relax. We took all of the dogs so Winston and Benny played in the ocean, Miller and Lola of course did not. They were content to sit with Courtney and Brent and relax. Katie and I swam for a while until she got bit or stung by something which is when we decided to stay out of the water. After that we just laid out in the sun and chatted. When we got home the Dills cooked us dinner (BBQ outside!) because Courtney had worked on their car. After dinner we watched "Disturbia" which was a pretty good flick. This morning we got up and took it easy while waiting for football to begin. I'm still waiting as my Cowboys play in about 1/2 an hour...GO BOYS!! I was bored so I looked at a calendar and that's when I realized...the 5K Katie and I are running in is 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!! OMG!!!!! I feel like I need more time! Still confused? Here's the story: 9 weeks ago Katie and I started working to get in shape. We found a program called "From Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks". It sounded pretty easy and like it would do the trick. We had been doing it for about 2 or so weeks when we told our friend Tori about it. She then brought up this 5K that is held in San Juan every year. Then she told us it when it was - it worked out perfectly because we would be done with our 9 week program and still have 2 weeks to get ready. Basically, on October 14th Katie and I will be running 3.1 miles with thousands of other people. Can you believe it? I know what you're thinking, if you know me very well, Kelly? Running? Kelly's not a runner! No, Kelly really isn't but she is working her butt off...I hope literally! About the's called the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure and it's for breast cancer awareness and research. This race is held all over, in fact there's one in Wichita, KS next Sunday! I know this race is for breast cancer but for me it will be for all kinds of cancer. While I'm running I will be thinking of my loved ones who have passed from cancer and I will know that they are all watching me. I know this race will be rough because of the heat, the thousands of others participating (7,000 last year!), and because I'm not really a runner, but I look forward to how I will feel after it's over. I think I will really have something to be proud of. So, be thinking of me in 3 weeks and I'll let you know how it goes!!


joyous said...

And you will get a t-shirt, and maybe a medal, so that's fun. The shirt will be pink.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I have tried the couch to 5k program, I just have not been able to stick with it. I glad you both have been able to.